Be an e-commerce website, receiving the trust of customers is one of the most important factors in business. To have the belief from customers, you need to show truth through your address, product. Among the most important is information of product through name, characteristic, features, images, price… besides static information, the shop owner can display more thing for their customers through videos, it will bring fresh for all items in web shop.

To make this function, we have released Magento Product Video Extension on Cmsmart marketplace with many amazing features that will make your e-commerce website more outstanding than others competitors. The most special feature in this extension is seven styles performance in product detail page, which you can configure in the backend of the website.

Firstly, the Magento product video extension is displayed in a new tab. In this detail product page, besides many information of a product such as name, price, quality, features. Further, you can see images and videos relate to this item, they are in separate tabs. There is a list of videos related to product, they are showed by customer choice. The buyers can see from this product to another item or they can choose a video as they like. Product video extension allows customer rate this video from one star to five stars.

The second option, we want to introduce is your Magento product video extension is displayed in the tab bar. It is the combination of images and videos of the product in the tab bar. Two sections are changed smoothly and make the customer comfortable when clicking another tab. In tab of video, if the buyers like this video, they can rate it.

Thirdly, Magento product video extension is showed in tab bar with a popup window. In this configuration, when you click one video to watch, there is a popup window appears with this video with the list video relation and rating section. This option will make the video is showed in central large of a screen, it certainly makes your customers enjoy in each watch times.

The next option you can configure in Magento product video extension is the combination of images and videos together. In this option, your customers will see images and video in one list, they can look for the suitable video relate to this product.

Fifthly, Magento product video extension allows shop owner configure product video and images together with the popup window. These videos are showed in a bigger popup that make your products are introduced to customers clearly and more focus.

Two options which depend on the admin of this website. The first is displaying videos below images, your list video will be arranged under images. They are divided separate section will not make the buyers confused. The latest is your video list displaying images and showed in the popup window.

Magento product video extension is a powerful function in your e-commerce website, it is very necessary for your web shop. It not also introduces products in the best way but also bring belief for your customers. In this useful extension, the shop owner can show video relate to the professional production process of your factory which makes users interest and curious. Let integrate Magento product video extension into your website, you will see it's valued in sales volume.