Magento printing website themes is number one theme in printing market that increase profits of customers immediately from moving their old site to print shop or create a new one with this theme.This is the best Printshop templates on the market and we have been developing it for 4 years with almost full features that you want; however, in order to run a successful business, especially for big Printing Corporation, you should study more about the Magento extensions that will strengthen your printing website. Here we go:

Magento Price Matrix Extension

Magento Price Matrix Extension is able to work as an automatically flexible calculator which helps users show up the final price results together from grouped attributes of product with limited quantity in backend to meet customer’s best choice. This Magento extension allows users to remove or create new options if needed. While creating new attributes users can add more rows if lacking in price matrix table. Especially, price matrix table can be changed color for its the background and text in configuration system, or change delimiter by users if wanted. The extension can be used with all types of products like simple product, configurable product, virtual product, etc.

In frontend, customers are able to see grouped different prices in attributes of each product on price matrix table .It is easy for them to choose any suitable option included with attribute preview information, then they just enter quantity before adding to cart for checking out.

Magento Order Upload extension

Many Magento website owners want to let their shoppers upload files or bind images directly into the product detail page, or upload different images into different products before "add to cart". Magento Order Upload extension is often used on printing company websites which allows clients to upload images or their designs if they want to place orders for printing services. This extension is a web-to-print solution built in Magento platform.

Some outstanding features:

  • Uploading files directly on the product details page
  • Supporting multiple files types
  • Uploading multiple files at the same time
  • Deleting/canceling files during upload process
  • Displaying uploaded files in the confirmed order email
  • Files are managed inside Order Management admin panel
  • Setting the width and height of the flash upload window.
  • Many more…

Magento Online Product Designer extension

Premium Magento Online Product Designer extension is the powerful tool for customizing T-shirt, Business cards, Smartphone & tablet cases, Pillows...There are hundreds reasons to buy this Magento extension with purpose that is to upgrade your site and your customer shopping experience as well.

For web owner: it is so easy to integrate into Magento platform. You can manage font, text, image simply but very special for your customers to design on their own, give them a to z printing solution

For client: With people who have a little knowledge on design they also can create or custom the design base on web sample design quickly. Just one click to add artwork, text or images and custom this design as they want.