Hi. I've come across this plugin, and its a very strong candidate for my project since its features are way beyond what i've found. However, i have a few questions I hope you could solve for me. I've just installed NBDESIGNER 2.0.3 (from wp plugin repo) in my site, but is missing the printing options settings (if i'm not mistaken is what you have used to create the T-shirt with print option demo) Second, is the demo site at http://demo5.cmsmart.net/nbdesigner/ using only the the nbdesigner plugin, or it's using more plugins? I so, what plugins? Third, from the purchase page it appears that if you have an active support subscription you can access the the media library. Does that means that the design templates avaiable in the demo would be imported in my site also? if that's the case, that would be awesome. And last, the purchase page says "You are allowed to use this extension on Unlimited websites", however just below there is a drop-down field for "domain license" and let me choose up to five domains license. If i can use the plugin in multiple website, then what does the domain option do? Is for different projects? What i'm planning to do, is setting up a wordpress network with five sites, each one tailored to one specific product (bags, t-shirts, etc), and with a very small catalog for a very simple shopping experience. Thank you!