Hello. We are extremely interested in this plugin - full featured premium. But we are so confused about the cost.

Is it a 1 time fee?

I can't determine if the monthly or other "fee's" are for support or to continue using the plugin after 6 months?

Someone please explain - please.

Can anyone help? We have been madly searching and chatting around for 2 weeks trying to find the perfect editor at a reasonable price. We were just about to buy Fancy on CodeCanyon when we ran across this one. It does not appear to have as many functions, but the layout is so clean.

We found the Printshop theme as well, which includes the designer, but the designer (Lite) with the them only allows 5 designs - limitation is just crazy. If I hadn't found the link, and read the detail, I would've been an unhappy customer to find out this 'not so' little detail.