Hey, great plugin really! Very interested!

I've got some questions here before buying:

1. Is it possible to fix the size of a text box in the design? And can we disallow user to move or rotate the design boxes?
For some of our products, we don't want the user to customize the templates too much. I see quite a few features can be turned on and off. But just not sure about these.

2. Can we pre-fill the template with user data? For example, when user start design a business card, we pre-fill the company name & logo for them.

3. Can we create design areas with other shapes, e.g. circles, triangles, etc?

4. Will the user be able to save their customized designs? Frequent user may choose a certain template and customize a bit. If they can save, they don't have to do the same customization every time.

5. The quality of end result from the design. Will it be high resolution? What format will the design image be? Ideally, it would be something we can send to the manufacturers directly and they usually ask for hi-res images.

Looking forward to your reply. Much appreciated if you could clarify the above for me.
Thanks in advance!