• How do we remove the black box in Safari? It doesn’t appear in Chrome

  • The templates are setup so that the we see the back page first, but it should be the card details first - how can we change that?

  • What tutorial videos should I look at to learn about setting up price options, I had a look, but it wasn't clear about it. Please send a link.

  • How do we add clipart's? Can you supply?
  • Is there a fast way to add more products? (duplicate then amend?)

  • If someone orders 200 business cards, we want to show 1 item in the basket, NOT 200.

  • We like this float over box, but How do we make this float-over box appear when the customer LEAVES the design area or hits “process”?


Answers to these questions will really help speed up our site development.


Many thanks,