Internet is a very competitive place. Attracting customers to your website is just the beginning of the battle. The problem is you have to answer the questions “How to keep the customers to stay as long as possible?”, “How to make customers come back to the website in the future and they will share your website with those around them?”.

Of course, there will be no natural results if we sit still. There will not be a website that has a huge amount of traffic available from starting days. One of the most important things to focus on from the beginning is to find ways to make your website easy to use and as user-friendly as possible. This is true for all websites. And today we CMSMart will give you some useful tips for using a printing website to improve the user’s experience.

1. Page load speed

As mentioned above, not just a website, no matter what product you sell, your page loading speed must be as fast as possible. Make them load as fast as possible. Although internet quality has improved a lot over the years, the needs of customers are always on the rise. They need to download more content, more video images, more data but in a shorter time. If your website cannot meet their needs, they will never come back. One of the most frustrating experiences for web users is waiting too long for a page to load the content.

Especially with a printing website, customers need to surf very fast, images, demo products, configuration ... They want to get a complete overview but not want to spend a lot of time. So keep this in mind. You probably understand why the page load speed was first mentioned by CMSmart in this article.

2. Update the latest versions for your website

Entering the path of e-commerce is that you have to accept the competition. And I am sure that this playground is not for those who are destitute and lazy. We must always improve things in an upward direction to serve our customers. For every business, there is nothing more important and valuable than customer data files. Meanwhile, the demand for customers in terms of quantity and quality is increasingly demanding. Ironically, when you realize the problems your opponent may have started working on them earlier. They even exceeded the customer’s requirements.

A short and simple tip is to update the latest versions of the product package you are using for your website. It will be very helpful in improving the user experience. It is necessary to eliminate old and outdated ones because your customers will not accept that. They do not have much time to do complicated procedures.

Let’s take a simple example: there are 2 websites that sell the same product, the quality and quantity of the 2 products also are the same. However, if customers have any difficulties in purchasing a product at any certain step, it is necessary for you to review the problem at that step. Make optimal improvements immediately. For example, if your websites have a limit in terms of payment (national limit), will you lost some customers and some orders? So once they develop a solution for your website they also will find ways to optimize every feature on the web as good as possible. Your job is to update them only.

Have you ever check if your payment gateway is flexible? By the way, check other factors to see if the condition is satisfactory? I would also like to introduce to those who have not updated the latest version 2.5.0 of WordPress Online Design.

Kindly refer here:

3. You should use small images

Website printing is one among the websites that need to use a lot of images. There might be from few dozens to few hundreds of photos needed. So the problem is too many images can affect your web page loading speed. Minimize and reduce the size of the image to a minimum.

And the trick is to use CSS sprite. This is a technique that helps to optimize page loading by minimizing the number of HTTP requests and the size of resources (image files, icons ...).

4. You should use appropriate colors

Color has an important influence on the overall look of a website as well as creating a good impression right from the beginning for the visitors. And it is also one of the top three factors that affect the decision to buy or not to buy of a customer on an e-commerce website.

5. The content of the layout and information is accurate.

Updating content regularly on the web so that customers can see all the information that your website brings them is valuable. Every time they visit your website, they will get a certain amount of knowledge. All information needs to be accurate and clear so that readers can understand it after the first looking.

6. Avoid misspellings

Many customers believe that spelling or grammatical error is one of the most objectionable things for a website, especially a professional website. It might damage the good pictures that you have worked very hard to please your customers. They will think that you are not careful enough to check spelling errors. And if you are not careful enough then the product that created by a careless team can also not be excellent.

7. Your link must work

Also known as affiliate links, the main purpose is to navigate users to other pages, articles ... Speaking about that, you will find it is not good if customers click on a certain backlink that already broken or show 404 error. This is the sign of a website that is not maintained well. If the website has many broken links, this will directly affect the SEO process, reduce rankings, increase page bounce rate ... then your customers will find another website for sure. This cause will lead you to lose potential customers and the consequence is sales will be constantly decreasing, reputation will be lost over time.

So check them regularly, remove them as soon as you find them. Kindly refer to: Google Webmaster tool to handle broken link issues.

By the way, I would also like to introduce some e-commerce website templates dedicated to the printing industry, one among the industries that are identified would never lost in the market: web-to-print store template, Magento 2 marketplace

Here are some useful tips for using a printing website to improve the user’s experience. We hope that after consulting the article, you can apply this helpful information into your sales website. If you have any difficulties, please contact us. All your questions will be answered during the day. Good luck!

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