A solution is really a big website or in fact, it is a completed e-commerce system. Anyone who has enough experience running online business understanding that we need a lot of resources to develop, maintenance, customize and update the system daily in order to get enough business results.
A Standard Payment includes standard support which gets you guides and tutorial videos plus usage guidance, instructions and simple debugging assistance from our team to help you resolve any issue. An Auto Renewal plan is available from $ monthly and includes all that plus minor customization, conflict debugging, server and hosting assistance and on-site help which means our team will actually go to your site to fix problems if needed.
For 99% of SMB  or even Enterprise Corp, having an in-house developers team to run your systems is expensive rather than using outsourcing expertise and after your bought our Solutions, sure you will consider taking this advantage. So we suggest you use Auto Renewal Monthly.
For Web Agency who can take care of the systems yourselves, then you can consider using Standard Payment.