A lot of business owners feel confused when deciding to choose among so many paid and free themes available on the market. Every WordPress seems to appear quite perfectly so how can you know, which theme is perfect for you? You might be stuck in vast of things like background color, font type, font color and font size to the margin size and widget positions. That’s so dramatic. Okay, in this article, I will tell you some crucial things you should pay attention when finding WordPress theme.

  • Budget: How strong your budget is? You plan to spend how much in your budget for WordPress theme? I want to emphasize that the paid WordPress theme will be not as costly as you have ever thought. The money you spend will be worthy because you will receive good support and service.
  • Purpose: You need to identify your purpose: building blog or website. If you just want to share some life experience or hobbies, a free theme is good to go.
  • Features needed: before deciding to use a theme, let’s check whether it supports the important features you needed for your blog or website. If it still cannot satisfy your demand and you want attractive landing page and pixel perfect mobile website, okay, choose premium version.

Technical aspects should be considered before using WordPress theme

  • An SEO friendly structure: We are in the digital era and you can never neglect the giant Google, who will influence a lot on the success of your online business. You should make sure that Google loves and understands the theme you are using. Or in other words, your WordPress theme needs to be SEO friendly to sustain its ranking in Search engine.
  • Compatibility with every browser: People do not just use one browser to approach your website; we can offer a list of browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc. To maximize a number of your customers, let’s check whether your WordPress theme is supported by all browsers or not.
  • Customizable design: The theme is created by developers, from the first time; it might not be immediately suitable to personal choice of business. Check it carefully to be sure if the theme provides at least basic custom options.
  • Plugins: When all important plugins are integrated properly, your theme will be enhanced features and functionality can prevent you from getting trapped.
  • Multilingual: As I mentioned in the previous part, you do not work with some certain customers in a country. Your customers come from all countries in the world. Therefore, it will be so great idea if you allow your customers see your website in their native language. That’s when multilingual works well.
  • Support: The advantages when you by premium theme is certainly offering the best support, usually through a combination of a public forum, live chat, and an email ticketing system.
  • Ratings: If the theme has a loophole then there will be a lot of reviews placed by customers. However, the company might have overcome the issues raised by customers; you can get an idea of a theme’s overall quality while reading reviews.