The future of photo books 

These days every one of us can be a photographer because the little cameras on mobile phones are getting better and better each day. Besides many people who share their images on social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, there is still a large group of people who would like to have a physical version of the photos as a real keepsake. Their needs are to have a photo book design ready within a few clicks which is known as personalized photo book service. 

The personalized photo book market is still growing. It seems that even despite digitalization and social media, photo books will remain with us for a long time. But for sure, technologies are going to change the photo products market as we know it today.  

People have different preferences, and it does not differ when it comes to photo books. It means giving options such as templates or layouts to a user that they will be most satisfied with. Many photo book sites now let you upload photos directly from your phone or pull them in from social media services like Facebook.

You can then play around with sizing, position, materials, and plenty more with as little or as much effort as you like thanks to plenty of auto-creation options out there, too. From family events and weddings to holidays and graduations, there’s a photo book for each of them.

At CMSMART, when we think about a masterpiece photo book, it means most personalized and with the most meaningful story. So, we are working hard to help our partners who own photo book printing businesses turn all of their dreams into reality. 

Our NBdesigner plugin (WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin) is a powerful tool for product personalization. It supports many kinds of products, from basic printing products such as T-shirts, business cards, posters, flyers, complicated products with multiple components such as bags, bicycles,...(for more information, you could go to this DEMO page). 

Develop  “Folding Preview Function” to adapt more business model

All website owners want to ensure every aspect of their products or services delivers a great experience to users. The biggest problem when designing a photo book is that it is hard for the users to comprehend how the final output will be. 

The photobook contains multiple pages. Currently, with the NBDesigner plugin, users only can design and preview page by page. They need to use their imagination to make a full picture in their mind of how the photo book would look after taking to print. This seems to be annoying and of course, the consumers will not feel happy about this. 

Some partners who worked with CMSMART mentioned this problem with us and asked for a solution.

Our plugin is made to work with many kinds of products. Therefore, it only contains the basic features to build a simple printing website. For some businesses that have specific requirements, we need to upgrade our plugin to make it adapt to each business model. That is why besides providing the premade plugins, CMSMART also provides customization service as customers demand to offer every business the right tools to grow their businesses.

In case you are concerned, do not hesitate to contact our consultant - Mr. Vincent Ray via email address or WhatsApp +84 868 901 261 or Skype live:vincent_4281.

After a short period of investigation on this issue, our developer team came up with the idea of the Folding Preview Function For Photo Books. This function allows you to provide the user with a real-time preview of what he or she is creating. 

(folding preview on NBdesigner editor) 

After finishing the photobook design, consumers could click on the preview button. It will show a preview of the photo book in a folding template. So, the consumers could turn page after page to check how the final photo book would come out. They will know if the design is good enough or if they need to edit any parts to make their photo book the most perfect. 

Everyone could take a look at this video for more information or a test demo of the Folding Preview Function For Photo Books here

We are sure this feature could help many printing businesses to impress their customers, improve user experience and keep them stay longer on your website. 

The more visual your products are, the more appealing they will be to the users. Previews make it easier for users to decide whether or not to commit to a change so they can freely design what they want without worrying it could look terrible when coming out. 

Some words from CMSMART team

To start any type of business, firstly, you require two things:

  1. Your gut feeling

  2. Deep market research

If you have decided upon starting an online photo book business, then start by studying the industry. It will help you draft a well-equipped business model with its future scope, opportunities, threats, and upcoming trends. You can start with a low-risk option of Print on demand for better margins.

To join the bandwagon here’s all that you will need to do:

  • Create a well-researched business idea

  • Choose your product

  • Product Designer Tool – The Unique Factor

  • Choose an eCommerce platform

  • Pick your Supplier Wisely

  • Printing Method

  • Operations & Infrastructure

  • Launch and Market

At CMSMART, we have tried to cover almost all the things you will be needing to make your store a success story. And everything kept aside, the bottom line is to keep trying and providing your customers with what they deserve for the price you ask.

Having served the industry for more than 9 years we can assist you in launching your photo book business quickly with all the required features. Our team of business analysts, designers, developers, and marketers will assist at every step of creating your website.

Let us help you step into the world of Print On Demand.