Premium Online Product Designer Extension for Magento 1 & 2

Hi Team,we want to give our customers the option to design and order multiple versions of the same product at once. But when adding a 2nd version with a different design to the cart, both elements are combined to 2 copies of the 2nd version, while the first version of the design is lost. How do we go about configuring a product so it is possible to order multiple designs of the same product at once?
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Not Getting Support For "ProductDesignerExtension"

Hi Team,I have purchased your product “Custom Product Designer”.It is not working at all. However I have applied all the steps given by you in the documentation. It 's only showing at the bottom of the page how to design a product instruction.We aren't getting “design” button below “add to cart” button. So please fix this problem as soon as possible because it is too late now. And if it is not possible from your side then refund my money so that I can buy some other extension.I have...
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What kind of host is required and is other software required to install onto the server?
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All in One Print Solution

Does this setup work as an all in one solution? For Yard Signs, Business Cards, Flags, 4x8 Signs
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Edit the size of the Designer Product

HiIs it possible to set the height and width of the designer stage?Our Customer is a printing company which is print fonts for store windows.The website user should be able to change the size of the designer stage to see how big are the words and text in ratio to his store window.Best regards.
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Icon of tool box button

I have try the demo front end, I have a question. Can the icon of those tool button can be change or change the button size to bigger?
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Frontend Demo Not Found Error.

I would like to try the front end demo. It keep show Not Found error. I have been try 2 days, still same.
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Want to see backend demo

Hi.Where i can see backend demo?The link sent to other users don't work anymore.I need to check how jpg is rendered to see if its suitable to print invitations.Regards
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Hi. Once the customer has designed and saved their product, how does the shop owner then print that product? Does it show up as a PDF in the admin area?Also can the colour choices for text be limited, e.g. if I only want black and white?Thanks
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Is it possible to create a A4 canvas, so the customer creates an A4 with an uploaded image and text (in smaller preview size), and we get the full A4 image (in the admin), so we only have to open the image and print it?I tried your admin demo, but I don't see the raw images uploaded, or a full / big preview size.When I click the order number inside "Manage designs customer" , I get an access denied error.
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Creat a Product?

How to create a new product and design it in the backend.There is no manual ??GreetingWolfgang
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Individual Canvas per Product

Hi,is it possible to set an indivdual canvas per product? I didnt find the option in the backend demo.Jonathann
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Arc text, Circular

Hi, I have had a play with your demo, I would be interested in buying however I need the option to curve the text in a circle text. Can this be done
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Circular template?

Hi,I'd like to use this to design wall decals in a circular shape. Can the design template be adjusted so that the available area to upload artwork is circular instead of rectangular?Thanks,Louise
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Adding my own Art Images & other questions

With this extension, will I be able to add my own art & images as choice selections? I am not sure i understand what this means:Product is used for end user not for trading. Q - Does the total price include support for 3 months?Product for end user.... my customer who is ordering my T-shirts, Correct? What do you mean by trading?3 months extended fee is $29 includes: Q. This is only for 3 months for an added $29.00? License for your domain - what license are you talking about and only for 3...
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