Magento PrintMart Website Theme Integrated Online Design Package

European Regulations for Onlineshops

Is the W2Print solution conform to the european regulatios for Onlineshops. Like double opt out, confirming termes of trade etc. or do i need some customisation? Or have you done some projects for european Shops?
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Magento 2.0

Whe are interested to buy the Magento Printing Website Theme Integrated Online Design Package. Can you tell us when this shop avalible is for Magento 2.0?
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Example client portfolio

Hi, Could you please share some examples of active websites that were built using this "Magento Printing Theme"?Thank you.
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HiI'm a developer, I'm interested to buy Print Shop magento solution. I have a query about the pricing thing. I want a one time price not a renewal price for every 3 months, is there a one time price that i can pay and get the files and can integrate it on my own? Also in this case what will be the support?
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Printshop queries

Hi,I have few queries for printshop magento/wordpress themes.1. Does full solution printshop (magento or wordpress) supports multivendors (for marketplace implementation)?2. Does this solution have online designer built in?3. Is there a seller rating system (for marketplace) built in?Can I see a live demo for printshop offered as marketplace with full extensions support?Thanks,Victor
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Web to Print Questions

Hi team,Q1. Is Web to Print extension available for Magenton 2?Q2. M2 Multivendor includes Web to Print module?RegardsDick
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Decided to buy but few Querries

As a developer, interested to buy the Magento Printing theme (auto renewal) with all three Extension viz. Price Matrix, Delivery Date and Color Swatch;Queries:(1) Customer History: Most of the customer repeat their order after six months or so. Does the theme includes the with the said function or requires extension.(2) Affiliate or referral program: For the business promotion, affiliation program and also referral programs required in the theme with customization. As I can see your website...
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About the extensions

Does the standard license include the following extensions?Magento Price Matrix ExtensionMagento Delivery Date ExtensionMagento Color Swatch Extension With Zoomor I have to buy them separately?What is the difference between Auto renewal & Standard Payment?
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Backend Demo

I would like the purchase this theme but I would like to understand its backend functionality more. Is it possible to see the backend of a demo?Thanks,Jared
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Compatible with Magento 2.1.6

Hello,Is this theme also available for Magento 2.1.x?Best regards,Ivan
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Thanks cmsmart

Hello, I just bought a template,This is really what I expected but it is necessary to do some retouching.Fairly simple a manager for a developer but for a novice it will require a little more timeSupport is fastOdigital
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About the template web to print

Hello, I have several questions to ask you before buying."Magento Printing Website Theme Integrated Online Design Package"1.In the Client account that the information is displayed? Can you have access?2. Can clients send files in pdf, Ai, Psd, jpeg format?3.Is the administrator able to control files sent by his clients in order to accept or reject them4. Can customers create an online design?5. Can the administrator integrate the marks, margin, edge lost in the online design module for its...
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Hi I have some questions to ask about the compatibility of this theme to our business but prefer to ask in private message / email.
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Bugs in the theme (on your demo)?

Hi,I'm interested in this theme and was looking through a demo, unfortunately managed to find two bugs straight away:http://demo4.cmsmart.net/printshop/storecanvas/index.php/mulberry.html 1. The Job Price in the JOB SUMMARY section doesn't change regardless of selected printing options. It doesn't even change when you amend quantity. It should really list all selected options in the Job Summary, with all costs and discounts, as a proper Job Summary should look like.2. The column headers are all...
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Magento 2 availability

Will this be available for Magento 2 any time soon?
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