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Double products in cart when using discount

Hello. Have a isse with the discount and cart communication. When choosing products with quantity discont the products is doubbled in the cart. EX : 100pcs full price and 100pcs with discounts....
Mats Feragen
By Mats Feragen

Unable to enter Premium license

Good day,I have a problem inserting my Premium license, i tried to click the REMOVE button to remove the FREE license, however I was encounter an error prompt, Remove license key unsuccessful!Anyone...
Beacon Admin
By Beacon Admin

Picture are loading only in tmp folder not in vmorder-upload folder too

Hallo.First sorry for my english.All picture from frontend are loading only in tmp folder not in vmorder-upload folder too.When i do a new order with another picture is in the backend at...
By Alex

multiple design

Hello, I can see on your demo site you cannot add in the cart more than one design for the same item, is this a bug?
Marco Rinaldi
By Marco Rinaldi

Conditional Logic for 'Start & Upload Design'

Hello,Currently my product has 2 options:1-Upload & Design2-Have Company Design for MeI'm trying to enable a conditional logic by which the 'Start & Upload Design' button only appears if a...
By Will

Frame tool

Good afternoon After further analyzing the application I found a problem. When the customer intends to use the new Frame tool.The client clicks upload photo and the image is immediately...
By romeu

replace image button

how can i use replace image buttonbecause by clicking the button it sends me to the upload area then I click on the image but it does not change the current image thanks
By romeu

magento 1.9 has also Version 4.0.0? in the demo its look different

in the demo the Product Designer look different between magento 1 and magento 2
Itsik Ezra
By Itsik Ezra

design guideline files

How do I display the 'design guideline files' on the product page?
Zack Pyle
By Zack Pyle

The OPC doesn't work with sh404sef

The OPC doesn't work with sh404sef and although I pointed that out and asked for help the support team did literally nothing and chose to avoid me and let my subscription end.
Kyriakos Champidis
By Kyriakos Champidis

NBDesigner Lite Version (Up to 5 Products) ONLY 3 Products Work

Our Premium version for support and update have expired. We are considering renewing soon but we don't need it at the moment since we have less than 5 products.How come on our Online Designer site...

auto upload image

Good MorningI wonder if there is any way to create a link in a template for the customer by clicking on the screen on a serta pre-defined image go directly to the image menuthanks
By romeu

trial version of the Online Product Designer Plugin

HiI am interested in the Online Product Designer Plugin. But I am not sure if it will work for my ecommernce website. Do you have a free trial version?Thanks.
By James

Virtuemart 3.6 compatibility

Hello,can anyone confirm that version 5.4.9 (updated on 02/2019)works with virtuemart 3.6.2? My two clients have the version 5.4.7 installed on their websites and it stopped working properly...
By Branko

Upgrade from magento 1.9 to 2.3.x

Hi there,If I purchase this extension for Magento 1.9 but we will upgrade our website to Magento 2.3.x maybe early next year. Do we need to pay additional charge to get a same extension for Magento...
jiada liang
By jiada liang