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Way to Frontend Performance Optimization

Slow load times have been shown to negatively impact a variety of business metrics such as on eCommerce websites. Time is money and customers don’t use slow sites. One second delay in page time...
Benjamin Giles
By Benjamin Giles

Where to sell WordPress Plugins?

So you’ve entered the wonderful world of WordPress development and built some plugins. Perhaps you have submitted them to the WordPress plugin directory for the wider community to use and benefit...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Mobile eCommerce Trend 2015

The rise in mobile phone traffic to online stores is partly being fueled by the overall trend of social-fueled discovery becoming a major marketing channel. Mobile eCommerce trend (m-commerce) is a...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Top 10 Vituemart Extensions

When talking about creating an e-commerce website, Virtuemart is one of the names that we often thinking about first. Virtuemart is an e-commerce platform very powerful; it supports many great...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Only for Joomla 3 and VM 3..??

I got an error message when I tried to configure the special field for an article in Virtuemart. Is it possible I got the 3.0 version..?? In stead of the 2.6.6 version..?? The filename was:...
By Tjeerd

Does your extension One Page Checkout do Downloadable product?

Hi,Does your extension One Page Checkout do Downloadable product?I read this here:
By nino

extensions included ?

what are the extensions that we have to buy as extra for this theme ?arethe ajax pro search / mega menu / ajax cart pro included in this theme .
By arun

20% Discount – Special offer on 6 Magento Extensions on CMS

Dear our beloved customers,Extension Hub is a prestigous partner on Cmsmart, and it is a pioneer in Magento development and System Integration and Mobile Application. This week, we would like to...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

7 Common Mistakes in Checkout Process Design

When seeing a great website with great products and services but it turns out to fail in one point is Checkout process. That causes the struggling with shopping cart abandon rate of many e-commerce...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Comparability with Joomla 3.4.x and Other Questions

Hi,I like the template, a few questions to help make a decision:- Do you plan on updating the template so that it can be comparable with Joomla 3.4?- For artist that have multiple albums, is there...
Ej T
By Ej T

New interface of CMSmart will surprise you

Most of something new in life is good for all of us and our new interface is one of them. Why do we change to the new one?We create a new interface with our aim is to make our website run quicker and...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Top 10 Magento Extension you MUST HAVE on your website

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform with over 24% of market share. It means that for every four e-commerce websites then has 1 website uses Magento. Because of the popularity of Magento,...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Fast food theme - queries

Hello,I am interested in this theme and want to know more about it. Please find some of my queries below. Do you have any clients for this theme so far? If yes, can you provide the URL for the...
By Unni


Hello, i try to update wordpress version on my Printshop Theme, but when I clik on UPDATE NOW nothing happens. Is there any other way to update the theme? I've tried to replace the files manually but...
By Traian

Apptha Book or Rent – Multipurpose Booking and Rental Software

Apptha’s Book or Rent is a readily built booking and rental software using which you can erect your own online marketplace for conducting booking and renting services. To be more precise by...
Benjamin Giles
By Benjamin Giles


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