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404 when add to cart

I have several products in my store... some with and some without nbdesigner.on occassion i get a 404 page not found error when adding something to the cart.please help and what do i do in the future...
Olaf van Gastel
By Olaf van Gastel

Question about plugin and multisite

Hy,  Is your module compatible with Wordpress multisite? I need to use it for several sites with different subdomains. I would like to be able to activate options depending on the site, is...
By fevre

Does the theme support Direction RTL

HI  Does the theme support Direction  RTL Thank you 
By anassoft

Product demo

i bought a plugin and am interested in how Demo can be usedThere are 24 demos available for your business, we will update more and more demos to adapt your requirements??
By elma

does it work at internet explorer?

i found your solution doensn't work in explorer. product designer not loading. can you solve it?
By Leegihoon

beds24 enquirey

Hi I just wanna know is this theme built in beds24 ? i wanna use the beds24 management serivce ! thanks
fengwei zhan
By fengwei zhan

Saving Designs

Hi, I am very interested in this product. Is there a way to save customers designs to the shop page for other customers to select from? So for example if I create a T-shirt design, it gets saved...
By Taryn

Presale question about product tools

Hi. I'm thinking about upgrading to pro, but first I need to know if I can control what tools my customers can use for each product?I want them to be able to edit premade designs and not be able...
By Louise


I have installed quickstart package on my server for the relevant templateWebsite URL : PHP versions older than 7.0.33 I get the following error0 - []...
Prodromos Kikas
By Prodromos Kikas

MAPS in the elements tab

I can see in the elements tab "MAP" How to get it?
By jimmy

Update Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension

Hello,Are you going to update this extension to VirtueMart 3.8? Thanks.Carlos
By chasly

new version of lite?

Hi!Can i download a new version of the Lite version? In this page is the 2.3: i have an...
Endrédi Balázs
By Endrédi Balázs

Is there anyone for whom NB-Designer Plugin is working well ?

Hello NB-Designer Community, Is there anyone for whom NB-Designer Program is working properly with all options. The more i get to make it usable for my website, the more i encounter bugs and...
Nadeem Hameed
By Nadeem Hameed

crm does not display all orders

Hello i have purchase WooCommerce Frontend Dashboard Manager from themeforest, after install i don't no why he does not display all order
Walid Bousnina
By Walid Bousnina

Predefined Texts and Image Placeholders

Dear CMS Team,i saw your Product Designer mentioned in a Blog Post and I would like to use it for one of my Products.I Installed the Lite Version to make sure that this fits my needs and came across...
Patrick Smilez
By Patrick Smilez