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export to CMYK JPG Quality is still bad

Hi no matter, what DPI i set the export to CMYK jpg quality is the same, but I noticed the PDF quality is a lot better.  but the JPG's resolution is really bad, I have php imagick enabled in...
By mike

Specific Functionality Check Before Purchase

Hi there,We have purchased Dokan multi-vendor, which seems to be listed compatible software in your logs? We just want to make sure that your functionality will work for us:We will be...
By Laurence

Empty 'Manage Design' Page

Hello,I'm currently trying to test this out by using the free/limited version. I realize that it comes with no support, so I just want to let you know I tried for hours and hours now researching...
By DDApparel

.PDF files saving used fonts from designer.

When completing the design in the builder it produces a printable .PDF however it doesn't convert text to curves / outlines, so when the customer prints (and doesn't have the font) it converts it to...
Gareth Jones
By Gareth Jones

Add "Create/Modify design" button in "My order" section

Is it possible to add the Create/Modify button in My account > My orders section?How can i do it (Even editing the template code)...Thank you
By Italian

Trial NBdesigner Module

Dear,Is it possible to get a trial of the latest version of NBdesigner module.Best Regards,
By romeu

Add sizes to Color Swatch

Hello, how can you add sizes to Color Swatch? We have a blue and a green shirt. The Shirt is available in blue in S, M, L. In green S and XL. Is this possible with color swatch? Example:...
Silke Graf
By Silke Graf

Trial NBdesigner Module

Dear,Is it possible to get a trial of the latest version of NBdesigner module.Best Regards, 
By Tsalamlal

Only 1 design per order??

When someone orders 2 different products there’s only 1 customer design attached to order. Fx a customer ordered 2 posters with 2 designs and I can only see 1 design?
By Dan

chnage the "customize" button

Hello,I am using the printing option,Inside the product page:I want to change the "customize" button with hebrew can i do that ?
bar bettelhaim
By bar bettelhaim

Unit price?

Hello. In your template designer I see most snippets for base price and final pricing and such? I do not see any snippet for Unit price? Or if you look in the VM order itself it is listed as Product...
Bill P
By Bill P

Support Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress plugin

Hello CMS Team, Mình cần hỗ trợ. Mình nói tiếng việt cho dễ hiều nhé. Công ty mình vừa mua plugin Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress. Và...

Disable Login in Header

Is there a way to remove the Login/Register section in the header until I'm ready to use it?
Nina Boatman
By Nina Boatman


Tienen videos actuales de como instalar el producto nb diseñador lo acabo de comprar intente instalar en wordpress y no me reconocen dados que no hay un plugins.buscó y no sale el instalador de...
Russell AR
By Russell AR

Magento ver. 2.3.4

Trying to find out more information on the setting up an OKTA instance with Magento. I wanted to find out if this extension is compatible with Magento Ver.2.3.4?   
By Carlos