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Hello,question for extension date and delivery timeI use VM38It is for restaurant pick up and delivery.I want to know if your component can :1)Select one date (not date to date as your demo)2) select...
By swebcreation

Different dates for each product

Is it possible to enable different days for delivery for different products? Maybe through the product id?
Luke Smith
By Luke Smith

Join The Lunar New Year Party With CMSmart

Dear beloved customer!Lunar New Year 2021 is coming. This is an opportunity for us to send thanks, wishes for health, luck and wealth to everyone, especially our beloved customers of CMSmart....
Lynn Jones
By Lynn Jones

A few pre-buying questions

Hello,I think this extension does pretty much what I want. I just have a few questions.First is it possible to set different delivery days depending on the zip code of the client? For example if...
By Jorge

Question before buying

Hello. I would like to know if it possible to show a single "delivery date" rather than a range with 2 dates. We want people to choose only one day, not a range. Is there an option to turn off the...
Barbara Bourgeaux
By Barbara Bourgeaux

Language/text labels email with invoice

Hello,When sending an invoice from Advanced Virtuemart InvoicesI cannot get two text labels adjusted. Language files changed, override made ... nothing changes these two...
Henk Flederus
By Henk Flederus

Let's cheer Christmas and New Year full of happiness together!

Dear beloved customer!Behold, Christmas and New Year!Yes, we don't forget that there are still many people in the world who are facing coronavirus. They were tired and tough. But we want to...
Rose Helen
By Rose Helen

Does it work with Joomla 3.9.23 and VM 3.8.7

Just buy it... and nothing work correctly ....Install : OKParams : OKFilter don't work .... a lot of money for nothing like Dire Straits !
Jean-Claude Giraud
By Jean-Claude Giraud

All Items On CMSmart: 3 Days Flash Sale, 15% OFF!

Dear beloved customer!There are many reasons that you missed the opportunity to purchase a sale off on the Black Friday festival past. Don’t worry because today’s short event from CMSmart...
Rose Helen
By Rose Helen

Edit Customer Design

It could be a good function the possibility to edit customer's design without order, ex. if the customer saves his design only!
By jimmy

What should i buy if i want to create website exacly like NBDesigner Demo

Hi, i want to ask..  if i want to create web exacly like this NBDesigner Demo :   What lists of themes/plugin i should buy ?  as far as i...
Muhammad Akbar
By Muhammad Akbar

Cyber Monday 2020: All the best online products sales right now

 Cyber Monday deals have hit the ground running!All you need related to: - Web2Print Solution, WordPress Printshop- Magento Multi Store Multi Vendor- WordPress MultiStore Multi...
Elite Cooper
By Elite Cooper

update the tutorial

update the tutorial its old and not clear
majed bannani
By majed bannani

Login as a guess option

Hi,I running OPC 5.4.11 and Joomla latest version I believe, I have tried all possible to have the OPC user box to display the checkout as guess option but all I can do is to have it as a...
Luis Cepeda
By Luis Cepeda

Booming Deal on Black Friday 2020 from CMSmart

Dear beloved customers!Are you ready for Black Friday 2020 - one of the biggest shopping days of the year?Black Friday is knocking on your door with ALL ITEM discount: Let’s enjoy...
Rose Helen
By Rose Helen

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