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Plan package

Hi  support teamThe Auto Renewal, Does it means I pay  179.69 once and continue paying 39.99 every 6 months then the service remain and will not expired ? How many products can i put on the...
Wong Hing Shin
By Wong Hing Shin

license expiration

I got the license less than one year ago and was not able to properly build a website and make it run for several months. Now I'm trying to install the plugin in another website with the same...
Haraldo Sigfrid Artmann
By Haraldo Sigfrid Artmann

Output design in separated files/images

Hi there!Is there a way that we can have the output of the design being all separated files? Images are needed to extra download so my client can adjust the design when placed wrong.In the...
By Karima

Web2print - PrintMart

I own a print shop and i'm checking your solution ( PrintMart for magento ) to use it for my store .I can see the demo of your theme and the online designer but i would like to check the backend ,...
Medhat Fawzy
By Medhat Fawzy

NBT Post Carousel Not working properly

Hello I purcahsed the theme Printshop now when I'm trying to edit my homepage the NBT Post Carousel is not working properly Please have a look...
By Raul

Bulk Variations

I have to say your product is VERY DIFFICULT to configure...I followed all the tutorials, but I can't still get HOW to do BULK VARIATIONS and how to do BACK and FRONT Tshirt pricing...I want to do...
Bhai Sesay
By Bhai Sesay

Free extension no inculde files for magento 1

I want to install the demo on my magento 1.9 version.Where can i find the files?
By Xavi

product detail

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Oscar Hernnan
By Oscar Hernnan

Need to install extension via composer

Hi,I could not find information about composer install for product video extension, as a practice, we do not recommend to install any extension as downloadable zip file in any of our...
By Steve

Suuport VirtueMart 3.6.10 10211

Hello.Does your (One page checkout for Virtuemart) component support VirtueMart 3.6.10 10211?
By Ruslan

How do I update?? SITE DOWN

How do I update??  SITE DOWN not loading properly.  HELP!!
Eric Datanagan
By Eric Datanagan

some questions about product designer.

Hi This is Mojtaba from Iran. 1- Is there any setting in your product for right to left theme support. I want to use your product in Persian (Farsi) website so i need rtl support plugin.2-...
By mojtaba

Create custom templates

I'm using the free version of the plugin. before upgrading to the premium version I have some questions.the WordPress theme that I'm using display by default wedding card templates. I want to know...
Wael Mejdoub
By Wael Mejdoub

default print areas

How do i unselect print areas by default, so that only one print area is selected when a customer opens the product page before they start their design. Ive selected the correct print areas as...
Amos Hack
By Amos Hack

Can I set design templates for all products by only one setting?

Hi Team, I want to set design templates as T-SHirts for all products.How can i do this? Thanks,Ziya
By Ziya