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Hi, I would like to buy this plugin. But I need to ask one thing.This is the website where I have to use it: you see, when you are not logged in, I need not toshow the...
By raffaele

pre sale question

I am interested in buying one of the print website templates. I have few questions.1) Can you tell me of a website that is using your theme (magento and wordpress)?2) I mostly build websites in...
Sherry b
By Sherry b

File size uploads

We run a photo print site and need an uploader for customes to send us their photo's for printing. Is your plugin suitable for that and what is the maximum file size a customer can uploadThanksMike
By Mike

Color Swatch

Hello how the field size? Is the plugin is compatible with Joomla 3.4.8 and Virtuemart 3.0.14? Sorry for my English.
By unnamed

Use Advanced Virtuemart invoice instead of virtuemart default invoices

Hello,How can i use Advanced Virtuemart invoice instead of virtuemart default invoices?How can i configure it?Thanks best regards
Alejo Wol
By Alejo Wol

Is this great extension integratable with Custom Filters pro?

HiI want to purchase this great extension but my question is this:Can color swatch be integrated with custom filters pro? mean, When i...
By Morteza

Presale - opc

Hi there, For a client iam building a webshop. His clients needs only to choose a (future) deliveryday. No place or time. Can this be done with this extentions in the following one pagecheckout...
By digitalconnect

Product Delivery date

Hi,Is it possible to let the customer select only ONE delivery date instead of selecting from / to dates?Regards,Bram
By Bram

Does this extension require multiple images

Hi, trying to understand how this plugin works before purchasing. Would I need to have product images of all the colors that I would like to display and upload all those to the site before using this...
By unnamed

Admin extensions

Hello ,What is your theme compatibility with other admin extension, if i try to install new extension how can I access them from the menu ?
Sherif El-Fadaly
By Sherif El-Fadaly

Installation & Implementation on AWS

Hello,Planning to initiate a site to support orders from multiple stores, and interested in the Amazon theme.Would need a developer to help.Please advice.Regards
Anwar Al-Ayoub
By Anwar Al-Ayoub

flowermart-virtuemart-template - Is quick install part of the package?

Hi,I'm interested in purchasing this template (regular license - 47.69 $) but I'd like to know a few information before, as follows:- does this template come with a Quick Install package?- do I...
pop ana-maria
By pop ana-maria

Custom login page

Hi Cmsmart,I am interesting in this extension. Anyway, I have 1 question:From your demo video, There is a link on login page (linked to IP).Can we allow customer to enter user and password on Magento...
The Nguyen
By The Nguyen

Advanced Virtuemart Invoices White Space

How do I remove the white space between products that are ordered? Example, remove the space that is represented by the blue dot at... Can I edit the following...
Michael West
By Michael West

Demo Problem

Hi there,The demo is not working. It says the username and password is incorrect. I was using it recently so not sure why?
Allan Fitzpatrick
By Allan Fitzpatrick