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If the url includes category and/or item, does the sso process return the user to that category or item page once it completes or just the store home page?
Alan Hughes
By Alan Hughes

We have several issues before purchase

Hello we are interested in purchasing this template.We have several issues before.One of our products is calculated per m2. M2 in the text box is free number. You may do this calculation in INSTANT...
Toño Jiménez
By Toño Jiménez

Template update

Hello,I have bought this theme in 2013, I have a version for joomla 2.5 and virtuemart 2.0. It is version 2.0, I guess.When I did some upgrades on virtuemart, the file upload stopped working, and add...
By Ksenya

Advanced Virtuemart Invoices - Question

Hello,Is it possible to edit only the ADMIN order confirmation mail and add the field "PRODUCT INTERNAL NOTE" next to the product sku of all products inside this mail??Thank you
By person

color swatch

Hi,I have a joomla web site that design for selling cosmetic items , for that I want to add a color selection optionhere is exactly I would...
By janaka

Questions before purchase

Hello.1) With this template comes this extension ?2) What other extensions come with this template?3) Where, on the product...
By Aleksej

is data SSL secured?

Hi,when you "quick" login on a non https site, likehttp://www.example.deist the send data secured by SSL then? Or will username and password be send in clear text?We are looking for a solution that...
By sebastian

VM Onepagecheckout plugin overrides

Hi,i just tried to make an override of the plugin views. But unfortunately it doesn't work.How to make overrides of the views? I have to change a view things and i don't want to hack the...
By sprachrohr

Trial license

Hello! My name is Eugene and I have small flowers shop in Belarus. My site is Can you take me 1 day trial for One page checkout for Virtuemart? Because I not sure, that this extension...
By Eugene

Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension questions

Hi,I am interested in buying the cart pro. However I have some questions. 1) Can I change the color as in do I have to code or can the change be done in module manager?2) On the demo site the cart...
By Ike

Magento Price Matrix Extension – Must Have Extension For Business Site

Price calculating is generally not a too-complicated task for shop owner before so it does not require a complex tool for implementing. However, the multi-items business has flourished resulting in...
By EmilyPhan

INVOICE for different group of clients

Hi! I'd like to know if this invoice can be fixed (set) for different groups of customers: Individuals, Legal Entity and Public Institutions. I mean that every customer receive the invoice for his...

Magento Product Video Extension

TheMagento Product Video extensionbeing at a striking position will make your site be more informative than ever. Its invisible value (easy customization, multi-layout options, multi-display...
By EmilyPhan

PRESALE ? Instant Price Calculator

I would like to know if this theme includes the ability to use either the price matrix or the standard Instant Price Calculator drop downs? The demo only shows the price matrixAlso Magento 2.0...
By Joe

File Uploader

Will I be able to put the FILE UPLOADER extensions on the check out / shopping cartpage?Will I be able to set up all my order pages like the (Poster Signs) page on your demo Site?-Multiple options...
FX Graphics and Print
By FX Graphics and Print