One of the greatest things of email marketing is that it is easy to implement. It can help businesses find potential customers and keep in touch with present ones. Additionally, it helps you inculcate the information and image of your company in customers’ minds until they are ready to buy your service and products.

However, many businesses had to face the fact that email marketing is not successful when using email marketing for their marketing and advertising campaigns. In other words, it is not that email marketing always brings the expected result for you. The ones beginning with email marketing are often the ones meeting the fact that email marketing is not successful the most. Commonly, there will be some tiny mistakes that can be edited fast without creating any damages. Yet, you can eliminate those mistakes right from the start.

Here are 10 basic reasons to explain why your email marketing is not successful. Most of us had been wrong in email marketing. So, if you make one of these mistakes, don’t worry!

Emails you send have no common platform

The best thing is writing something unified with the thing you wrote in the email sent last week or even last month. This will make clients understand what you want to convey. If an emails have a common platform, they will work well. In other words, email marketing is not successful if your emails have no common platform.

You do not send welcome email

Compared with other kinds of emails, welcome email is not difficult to write. Moreover, it receives less complaints about spams. It is clicked and opend more than almost other emails you sent. Just try if you have not tried welcome email yet!

You only send email when you need to sell something

Bloggers and marketing programs to receive commissions are the subjects of this reason. And so are E-commerce websites. Sometimes, you should send email whose content is not about sales affair if you have an E-commerce website. Furthermore, you can add some solutions from Cmsmart for your E-commerce site, for example, plugins, WordPress themes, Magento 2 extensions, Magento themes.

You send response email with your own name and address

The email address and name of senders are shown more clearly than the email subject line on the mobile phones. If you change your name several times or clients cannot realize your name, it is likely that your email will be not opened and read much more.  

The email does not link with website

 Your email content can persuade clients and convey the messages well. However, surely your email marketing is not successful if they cannot access your site to understand more about products, even buying. Therefore, you will miss many good chances when you do not attach the website link into your content. We often overlook or do not care about sites and only concentrate on emails. This will reduce the efficiency of the email marketing campaign. A lot of people make this mistake although it seems to be very simple. Therefore, email marketing is not successful.

To attract users, you need to make website and email connective. Plus, you need to focus on form and content of the website. Just think: What will clients come to the website for if the website content is like a copy of email?

You do not pay attention to purchasers’ demands

One of the elements creating the success of the campaign are understanding demands and behaviors, choosing right customers and segment them clearly. The reason is that your information you sent will be assessed to be spams when you send email to wrong customers. Generally, your email will be offensive, become spam and annoy customers if you cannot determine the appropriate clients when sending email. This is a popular mistake when implementing email marketing. If you make this mistake, your email marketing is not successful for sure.

Emails have no change

You need create something interesting and new to clients whenever you send email for them because if you only keep the form of sending email for a long interval, it will be very boring. By concentrating on information about events or products, you have to convey an useful content and message to clients through email marketing.

One of the favorite content distribution methods of marketers is email marketing. Your email marketing is not successful if you do not distribute exciting content

You ignore mobile email

Researches show that the percentage of users seeing email on mobile is increasing more and more. Hence, if you ignore the targeting on this device, it will be a great trouble. However, you should note that you need to have compatible emails on the mobile devices to optimize content. It will be very annoying if you have to see email having advertising images without optimized size on the mobile screen, right? Customers can assess worse this status. Your email may be blacklisted then the next ones will be hard to get to the inbox.

To assure the opening on mobile devices, you have to focus on your content, image and design. The reason is that in fact, most of emails are opened on smartphones now.

You send emails very regularly or rarely

Sending email very regularly with similar contents will make receivers feel boring and annoying the have bad impressions to the marketing goal. Nevertheless, surely sending email very rarely is not effective, too. These are mistakes almost people make.  

Content and subject line are not attractive

Popular email subject lines without any special contents will be super difficult to attract receivers to open. Subject lines must be impressive first. In other words, they must stimulate customers to open the email and attract their curiosity. Besides, you must have a content impressing customers’ concern to make them continue to see the whole of information you want to convey after they open your email marketing. Clients will not be interested in clicking on the link landing page if the email content is too boring and not outstanding. They will close the email and move it to the trash. As a result, email marketing is not successful.

Personalization is a tip to make subject lines attractive


The reasons above are the most popular mistakes to explain why email marketing is not successful. In fact, there are a lot of other mistakes when implementing email marketing.

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