Customize Color Of The Entire Website By Cmsmart Magento 2 Marketplace Multistore Soluiton

Colour system is chosen for website not being easy for designer and company. When website is decorated by pleasant colour, your website might make strong impression on customers and it could form  a well-known company's brand. If you were wondering about customizing color of website to become lovely as well as eye - catching with the great colour scheme, please follow these simple guides step by step. With our Marketplace 2 Multi-store solutions, you would create colour of your website easily.

Within the first part of this article, we want to suggest you some steps to change color of the entire website.

Before starting

Before starting the configuration, you need to change the mode in Magento with some Small step below that:

Step 1: Open the command execution window

Step 2: Access to root folder setup website

Step 3: run 2 the commands

Command 1: php bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer

This is CLI command for developer mode.

Command 2: php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

This command deploy files in any mode. f stands by word "force" (by default, the static content deployment tool can be run only in production mode. Use this option to run it in default or developer mode).

Now Let's begin.

Step 1: Login the admin panel

Step 2: Click module NETBASE -> Netbase theme -> click General Setting

Step 3: Click menu color. Then, select any theme you want to load data on the form in “current theme data”

Step 4: Next, you can customize main color, hover color, text color, link color

Step 5: Select any theme you want to save data configuration and SUBMIT

Step 6: Do not forget Flush cache after each configuration.

Go to module SYSTEM -> tool “cache Management” -> you can see small square ->mass action: select all -> click button “Flush magento cache”

Step final: Overview on Front-end

We hope you find a guide helpful. Now you can easily customize the color for the entire website. If you want to have more experience our products, please access the Marketplace theme for Magento 2 package. If you want more detail, please follow this simple video guide step by step.

How to Customize color of the entire website built by Magento marketplace theme from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

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