In this fiercely competitive environment, if you want to stay higher than your competitors, you should stay updated continuously, be smart and trendy. E-commerce merchants community are astir with the appearance of the updated version of Magento, Magento 2. A lot of business owners have switched to Magento 2.

They had finished the process of migrating from Magento 1.x to Magento 2 and experienced various strong and amazing features, but it will be never enough if they want to be successful with their e-commerce Magento store. Of course, owning a perfect designed theme and amazing functionality always play an important role in the whole process of developing your site but you should never ignore SEO, let's be a close friend with the giant Google. There is a fact that even with shop owners who have SEO plans, they still fail to optimize in the search engine as well as do the proper SEO for their Magento 2 store. Let's study about the top three common Magento 2 SEO bundlers of shop owners.

Title of the homepage - Home:

Any web owners know that the most crucial page of an e-commerce website is the homepage. It will show all its strength when it comes to link equity, so you should take advantage of this thing to rank your most important keywords on the homepage. Therefore, if you are persistent that you keep the title Home, it cannot should exactly what your page is about. Instead, we highly recommend you keep highly searched keywords which are related to your products. Overall, don’t be stubborn by keeping your homepage’s title be Home, let’s put more effort to make that title related to keywords about your products and keywords with high search volume.

Default layered navigation:

After doing several surveys, we found that the biggest and common mistake people usually made with Magento 2 website is having the default layered navigation. No expert encourages to block them with robot.txt disallow. The reason is they will still be indexed but not crawled. Many users choose to use the Meta noindex and follow on URLs. So, generally, one tip you should keep in mind is never applying robots.txt and Meta noindex, none of them!

Indexing both HTTP and https versions

The most typical example for content duplication is you have both HTTP and https version of the same URL indexed. This is exactly when rel canonical comes into the picture, to consolidate the duplication in whichever version you want. In case you choose to want HTTP, the https should have rel conical pointing towards HTTP and if you want https, the HTTP should point its canonical to https; though later one is preferable.

There are a lot of search engine optimization mistakes which may be caused when you use  Magento 2 development but the three mistakes we mentioned above are the most common ones for e-commerce development companies. We hope that from this article, you will be able to avoid those blunders and never repeat it with your site. Good luck with your sale!