Nowadays, every people gathered around forums, it’s all about Facebook Groups. Choosing the best Facebook groups for SEO is a challenge. People want a group that is safe, reliable, and best value. 

Research from 12,000 members of Ahrefs Insider shows the vote for their favorites. With 20 suggestions and hundreds of votes, 85% of people agree with the 4 best Facebook groups. I’ll show these best Facebook groups, and what I liked and disliked after joining them.

SEO Facebook Groups benefits

The best Facebook groups are the base for new learnings, networking, and business opportunities! Here are qualified elements for SEO Facebook Group the best one. Let’ see:

  • Activity and number of people in the group
  • Type
  • The value of shared content
  • Engagement
  • The owner

All these things are essential in determining whether a Page is valid or not, and worth joining. Thus, you just go through this list and see what each SEO group has to offer, then pick the ones you need the most.

You can pick the best Facebook group for SEO to learn more skill improve rankings. Also, you can use social media to boost your ranking. You can see tips here Use social media to boost your search engine ranking with 3 killer tips

1. Affiliate SEO Mastermind

 Best Facebook Groups

Members: 14,711

Owner: Matt Diggity

Type: Private

Topics: SEO facebook, affiliate marketing

Number of votes: 126

Owned and run by Matt Diggity, a well-known SEO in the affiliate marketing industry, Affiliate SEO Mastermind is a group dedicated to the mastery of affiliate marketing using SEO.

It’s a fantastic group because the SEO Facebook group is pretty active. Every day has tons of affiliate SEOs asking questions and this group welcomes all SEOs of every hat color. The topic is various from affiliate marketing, vendor-and-service-related questions to posts related to the buying and selling of affiliate sites. One thing I like about this group is how the admin helps members stay accountable with monthly goal-setting posts

And finally, since Matt is regularly available in the group, Affiliate SEO Mastermind is likely your best shot if you’ve always wanted to reach out to him.

2. SEO Signals Lab

Best Facebook Groups

Members: 61,097

Owner: Steven Kang

Type: Private

Topics: SEO, digital marketing

Number of votes: 67

SEO Signal Lab is the most active of all the best Facebook groups. If you have any questions, you’ll receive the answers with 15-20 minutes.

The best part of this group is not with beginners. It has lots of SEO experts, Thus, It is one of the best Facebook groups for troubleshooting specific issues. You will reviêc the solutions from SEO experts. 

Steven, the owner, is also very active and encourages active discussion with regular thought-provoking questions. He typically does this by attaching a funny meme or GIF:

Steven also runs regular “Pick His/Her Brain” sessions where group members can pick an industry SEO experts. 

3. The Proper SEO Group

Best Facebook Groups

Members: 28,760

Owner: Gary Wilson

Type: Private

Topics: SEO

Number of votes: 21

Founded by Charles Floate, Todd Foster, and James Gregory, the Proper SEO Group (renamed from the Proper PBN Group) is now owned and run by Gary Wilson.

Although the founder is changed, the principle of the group remains the same. It is a great place to discuss SEO methods and techniques. No matter who you are ( white, black, grey hat), you ‘r welcome to participate and ask questions. 

As the below SEO Facebook groups, this group is pretty active with tons of questions that get asked every day.  There are also plenty of SEO services-related posts, so it’s an excellent group to join if you’re looking for professional SEO help.

4. SEO Secrets by

Best Facebook Groups

Members: 11,644

Owner: Glen Allsopp

Type: Private

Topics: SEO

Number of votes: 15

Compared to the others on this list, this group was formed recently (2018). But with the famous Glen, It quickly attracted lots of members. Like others, most posts are from members asking questions related to SEO. It’s also pretty inactive, and Glen appears infrequently. But, the members of Ahrefs Insider still rate the group highly.

SEO Secrets is undoubtedly worth joining, even if only for the occasional update or insight from Glen himself. But it’s unlikely to be your first port of call if you want a question answered quickly.

6 more Facebook groups for SEOs

Certainly, with the four best Facebook groups, it is almost enough for you to update about SEO. But you can try some SEO groups, it‘s also lots of votes from Ahref Insider. 

  • Women in Tech SEO (6 votes): It’s a place for women to discuss, share, and learn more about technical SEO.
  • Niche Affiliate Empires (4 votes): Owned by Gareth Daine, this is the companion group to Gareth’s public case study where he’s attempting to build a successful affiliate website.
  • Local Client Takeover (4 votes): Like its name, this group focuses on local SEO strategies, like Google My Business and Google Maps optimization.
  • Superstar SEO (4 votes): It focuses on building a successful SEO agency.
  • Marketing Cheat Guides (3 votes): Originally known as “SEO Cheat Guides,” this group now focuses on teaching digital marketers how to build their dream business.
  • Sisters in SEO (3 votes): Another SEO Facebook Group for women. It shares successes and challenges, network,s and improves their skills.


There are the best Facebook groups for gathering new intel, finding something useful, and share your expertise when needed. Hopefully, these groups are perfect for you. No matter who you are, from starters to SEO experts, these are the very best Facebook groups for SEO 

Choosing and joining SEO Facebook groups is a tip for you to improve SEO skills and get high ranks. In addition, you can refer to Leading The SEO Trend With Voice Search . It is an SEO trend to boost your website ranks. 

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