How To Use Wordpress Online Design Plugin In Frontend

As you know, before deciding to buy a product, especially intellectual products such as software, we must always learn about how to use that product. However, with increasing demand, increasingly diverse customers, having a simple product easy to use and has many features that can be used immediately is extremely difficult. Therefore, before you buy products at CMSmart, we always try and provide the most detailed documentation, video guide for our customers, so that you can use the product simply and the easiest.

WordPress Online Design, as one of our the most outstanding products. The end-user will easily implement the design version she/he likes with our useful and easy-to-use feature. Besides, we also provide many tools to help the user get the quick steps to achieve the wanted features. Therefore, below are some detailed guidelines on using WordPress online design products that we would like to introduce to you. Here we go!

Design product with Woocommerce product designer plugin.

1. How to create a template?

  • First, how to go to the designer page? In the frontend, your customer can go to the designer page with some easy steps: Click "Start design" button, then access "Design Here Online"
  • Second, select a template you like to design

2. Insert and edit text on the template

  • Step 1: Move to Text Menu
  • Step 2: Select and click to add Text you like

Then, you can change the text color with document colors


Next, your customers can change the text font type they want.


3. Insert and edit clipart.

There are many interesting clip arts in WordPress online design that you can choose to insert for your design.

Step 1: Click the clipart menu and search: Enter the name of clipart to search.

Step 2: Click or drag&drop to add clipart.

Then, do you want to change color of clipart? Click your clipart on design, choose one color you like in document color.

4. Insert and edit the image.

How to insert a photo?

Step 1: Move to Photos menu

Step 2: Upload image

  • Way 1: You can upload files with "Image Upload" Button (Only accept file types have the file size from 0 Mb to 20 Mb)
  • Way 2: Use the image URL to insert Photos.
  • Another way: Insert photo in the image library.

5. Insert and edit the element.


Step 1, you move to the Element menu Custom Design Shapes. Then, you click or drag&drop to add shapes

Step 2, you can change the color of shape with document colors


Move to the Element menu and click "Icon" Button to insert Icon for your design. There are many Icons in the Icon library that you can choose.


Customize drawing with Draw Feature


6. Check the design

How can your customers check their designs in WordPress Online Design tool?

First: Go to your count -> view order

Click on the order number to view detail.

  • If display notification “Rejected! Click here to design again!”, the customer will design again.

  • If display notification “Approved!”, the customer’s designs are accepted.

Above is my introduction about "How to use Wordpress Online Design plugin in Frontend". I hope that this post, in my opinion, brought you some useful information. If you have any questions, please contact the Support Team or information below. If you want to know more about NB WordPress Design, you can try this product by access Live Demo or

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