When designing an online sales website, some customers do not pay much attention to the website footer, because they often think that the footer is not the place to help increase conversion rates nor the attraction attention of users. Although the importance is not equal to other parts of the website, if you know how to take advantage of it, Footer is a very fertile land that can gain a lot of benefits.

"Don't miss any opportunity to reach customers on your fertile website including Footer" 

So, Footer web should be "acting ground" for items, information content? Invite readers to read the presentation footer web "hit" helps to bring high efficiency in business. And How To Customize Footer’s Elements In Magento 2 Marketplace Theme By The Class?

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Presentation at the Footer website

Summary of main content at the foot of Footer web

Summary of the main content at the foot of the website is essential for e-commerce websites, sales websites, business websites because:

For some reason, many users are unable to find the content on the homepage when accessing the website, leading to not finding what they need. So at the footer need to summarize the main-content will help customers easier to find the necessary information. This is essential on every sales website or e-commerce website. In addition, businesses can provide a list of different sources of reference for users to Search for more and more useful information. Users often have the habit of visiting the first homepage, only then click on to the detailed pages on the web. So when designing a website should cover the information and content on the home page the most complete. However, there is some information that is not related to the homepage content so it will be difficult for you to incorporate it perfectly. And the site footer is the best place for this content. This will help customers not to miss the necessary information you want to convey.

Footer web design with contrast

Contrasts always create impressive accents, so apply them to your website design especially the footer. A prominent footer with a contrasting design will give customers a different feel on your website that is nowhere to be found.

To create contrast for the web footer you should simplify the image, instead use graphics and striking colors, not only for Footer but also for other components on the site. This requires the web design unit for you to be an experienced designer, otherwise, it will create the opposite effect.

Website design is indispensable for social icons

Currently, social networks are growing very strongly and the number of social network users is enormous, they often have the habit of sharing information or products they like on social networks. Therefore, to effectively advertise your website, social networking icons are indispensable factors. The best place for you to place your social media icons is at the bottom of the page. Because if placed in positions such as the top or middle of the page will lose the focus of customers on the products and services you provide. So Footer is an appropriate choice for social media icons that do not cause a distraction to help the website become more neat and beautiful.

Website foot design expresses the style and personality of the business

When designing the Footer website, besides the above factors, you should also pay attention to the design of the style and personality of the business, showing the messages that you want to convey to your god customers.

However, if your Magento 2 web store already has a footer and you're not happy with the menu there, we offer you how to customize footer’s elements in Magento 2 Marketplace theme by the class?

How to customize footer’s elements in Magento 2 Marketplace theme by the class?

Our Magento Marketplace solutions allow easily customizing the footer's element as you like. Please follow this simple video guide step by step.

How to customize footer's elements in Magento marketplace theme from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

We hope you find a guide helpful. Now you can easily customize footer's elements in Magento marketplace theme. If you want to have more experience in our products, please access the link: https://cmsmart.net/magento-themes/multistore-marketplace-magento-2-marketplace-theme-integrated-multi-vendor-solution-packages

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