Have you ever wondered about the difference between good online business owner and wonderful one in this digital era? It is in the way they use the technique on their hand. When creating a website, a good business owner tends to find famous extensions and use them as a way to guarantee their success. However, the wonderful ones, besides finding the famous extensions, they can recognize the potential of products that can serve the development of their business, make their website unique among the crowd. If you are or want to be a wonderful online business owner, never ignore the awesome products from Cmsmart called Magento Online Product Designer Extension. It is a powerful tool for customizing Business cards, T-shirt, smart devices, Pillows. Let’s spend some time to look over its outstanding features and what benefits it brings to both merchants and customers mentioned below:



  • Easy to use.
  • Getting colors and sizes of designs.
  • Allowing to upload images, add text and clip art.
  • Managing designs of customers.
  • Saving and re-editing design.
  • Integrating the translating function.
  • Coming with a variety of fonts.
  • Easy to add color.


  • Shop owners can understand more about customers including their favorite design trends and products that are popular by getting information from their designs which are all managed in admin.
  • Translating your sites into any languages just by some click in admin.
  • With over 20 high standard fonts provided, in case you cannot find the one that you are looking for, it is totally possible to upload your own font.
  • Creating awesome design templates using text and images, which allows customers to modify and create their own designs.
  • Unable to upload the file (PNG, GIF, JPG) with min and max file from your computer
  • Designs will be put in clipart library as the suggestions for clients, you can upload designs in the library and set up the price.
  • Powerful tools are provided with lots of functions such as zoom, move item design, preview, align and more.
  • Determining exactly the size and color of each regional design.


  • Experience the feeling of love at the first sight when trading in website applying for this extension. The interface is so friendly, clear and easy to use.
  • No need too much knowledge about information technology, only with the basic one, customers still can design and own unique products for themselves.
  • Reviewing your own design by going to your account on the website.
  • Adding any favorite colors for products in the admin panel.
  • When you cannot finish your own design just in one time or you desire to use it for the next time, you can save, share or re-edit your design easily. Such a great function!
  • No limitation for types of products, create the design from the bank of colors, text, art.
  • Besides the choice of designing by yourself, you can choose a variety of beautiful designs that are available on the website.