marketplace trend in 2020

Currently, we all know that marketplace is a modern trend that many businesses are pursuing. Because of that, everyone needs to improve their sales page to stand out among thousands of other businesses. In this post, CMSmart will show you the upcoming trend of 2020 so you can consult to improve your marketplace.

1, Implement your own market


It's hard to run after Amazon and allow everything to be sold on your marketplace. If users have to choose to buy things from the similar marketplace, they will definitely choose a more reputable marketplace. If you want to survive, choose the small niches to attack. For example, you can create a marketplace which specialize in selling used products, craft products, specialized products. Creating a website has its own pursuit. For example, if you have a marketplace about second hand goods, people will remember your page more than Amazon when they talk about this topic. But if you build a marketplace to sell everything, customers will remember Amazon instead of your site.

2, The bargain method


If you use bargain feature, this will be a very good buying stimulus feature. Psychologist Scott Bea, PsyD, say that bargain is all about intermittent reinforcement. Intermittent reinforcement is when you are rewarded inconsistently and occasionally. This usually encourages you to keep trying until you get what you want - like a designer purse at a great price.

For those who like shopping, being allowed to bargain with the store owner will make them more excited. Even if your customers do not really need that product, but when they bargain successfully, they will buy it because they are happy.

3, Multivendor feature


Last but not least, when talking about marketplace, you need to remember of Multi-Vendor. In theory, Multi-Vendor is a stand-alone E-Commerce software which allows you to create an online marketplace. With Multivendor, independent vendors can sell their products through a single storefront.

Each vendor can list their products on such a website and buyers come to the store to buy the products offered by various vendors. There are multiple ways by which a marketplace owner can earn the revenue like:

  • Subscription-based model for each vendor
  • By earning commission on every order
  • By advertisement
  • By affiliate marketing

Alibaba, Amazon, Shopee, eBay, etc. are some popular multi-vendor marketplaces. A huge challenging is choosing the right eCommerce platform as the available options vary considerably on cost, quality, and performance.

CMSmart marketplace

We found that Magento is one of the most flexible and popular eCommerce platforms being used across the world. At Cmsmart Marketplace, we have the perfect solution for your wonder which is called by Magento multi-vendor theme. Let’s try out our solutions. I promise that it’s won’t let you down.

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