In the previous article, Cmsmart introduced everyone the topic “Improve User Experience By Update The Latest Version 4.0.0 Of Magento Online Design”. Today, we will tell you about the topic intended for the shop owners, who have knowledge and passion for technology. You are Printing shop owners and you need a website for your store. So lucky, you found a solution for your website: Magento Online Design Package. However, you don't know how to use. So, you can follow a few the below step to see How does Magento online design work the shop owner. To save your time, now, I will go straight to the topic. Let's begin!

magento online design

Step 1: Installing this module

  • Right, first we must install the product into the website.
  • Unzip the installation package and copy all the Magento to your root. Then you ran the command line: upgrade, deploy and clean.

Step 2:  Integrate online design for each product.

  • In the admin panel, you click on ONLINE DESIGN
  • Click on products of manage design. Your filter to find the product you want to enable design here.
  • Click on "Manage design" in the action column.
  • Click on "Enable design area size, create the design template... in the "design setting" tab.
  • Finally, you click on the "save online design" button.

Step 3: Color management.

  • In the admin panel, you click on "Online design".
  • Click on colors to manage colors. You can add, edit and delete color here.

Step 4: Font Management.

  • In the admin panel, you click "online design"
  • Go to "manage fonts". You can add, edit, delete the custom fonts & google fonts here.

Step 5: Art management.

  • In the admin panel, you click on "online design"
  • Go to "Manage arts". You can add, edit and delete the art categories and arts here.

Step 6: Extension configuration.

  • the admin panel, you click on "online design"
  • Click on the configuration. You can configure some things here as turn off/on the module, upload file size, text, clipart, image...remembering to save configure after each change.

Step 7: Go to the front - end to view changes.

To help the customer understand deeply, let’s follow the video:

Above are 7 Steps, which shop owners need, to work with Magento Online Design. Thanks for watching my post. I hope this article brought many exciting things. I will continue the Magento online design topic in the next articles. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you. Good luck!

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