In the previous article, you understood How does it work for the shop owner? And customers? How will they use Magento online design products? Since launching Magento online design product, one of the powerful features that have satisfied many customers is online design feature. Don't need to know about Photoshop, Online Design has anything you need that helps you design easily. So how does Magento online design work for the client? This is a question of recent interested and just don't worry about it, this article will bring the answer for you.  


magento online design

How does it work for the client?

Step 1: Go to the product detail page and click on “start design” button to start design for this product.

Step 2: Click on helpdesk to understand about the function of online design.

Step 3: Create and customize the design: Click on main menu icon to choose design tools as add text, add art, add an image, free draw-ing and add QR code to design as your expectation. At the same time, you can customize layers through tool icon.

Step 4: Preview the design with zoom and view function.

Step 5: After finishing your design, click on the “save” button and add the product to cart.

Step 6: Approve design: The shop owner will consider and send an email notification to you to inform that you design is accepted or rejected. If your design is rejected, you have to redesign and send a new design to shop owner.

To make it easy to install the product, please refer to the video below for detailed instructions on how to install Magento online design.

If you want to experience the actual product, please click this Demo.

Above is an article introducing How does it work for the client? Hope we have provided many interesting things for you. If you have any question, feel free to feedback I and colleagues are willing to support you. Special, in the next lesson, we will jump straight into configure detail each feature, It's so exciting.

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