In the previous article, you read "how to add Google fonts in the "Add text feature" from the Magento Online Design Tool. However, Google font does not always have all the font types that you want. So, you need other ways to add other fonts. In this article, I will tell you How To Add A New Font By Uploading (.Ttf) File On Magento 2 Online Product Designer Extension. Let's begin!

What is TTFs

TTF stands for True Type Format and was created by Apple in the late 1980s. It describes the glyph outlines using quadratic Bézier curves. This requires more points than cubic Bézier curves to describe the same line but is simpler and faster for the computer to process.

TTF fonts also allow type designers a high level of control over how the rasterizer converts the mathematically-defined glyph paths into pixels. This allows for crisp fonts at small point sizes when displayed on low-resolution displays. However, these days smarter rasterizers and higher-density displays have minimized the benefit of manual hinting. Most platforms today ignore much of the hinting information provided.

TrueType-Flavored OpenType Files (OpenType TT) may use the TTF extension instead of the OTF extension to distinguish them from PostScript Flavored OpenType Files. OpenType TT files (regardless of whether they use the TTF or OTF file extension) are backward-compatible with programs that support Windows TrueType fonts.

How to add new font by uploading (.ttf) file on Magento 2 Online product designer extension?

To add the new font, the first step, you log in to the admin panel. Next, you access the Online Design Module, search Magento Font, and click Custom Font. You can see the Custom Font Interface.

In the second step, you click "Add new custom font" and select (.ttf) file that you want to choose. Then, you select a font category and title for this font. Done!

The final step, you clear caches after each change and check overview front-end.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how to add new font by uploading (.ttf) file:

How to add new font by uploading (.ttf) file on Magento 2 Online product designer extension? from Cmsmart Netbase on Vimeo.

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