How To Create Price Matrix Table With Printing Option’s Attribute?

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Surely with the previous posts, you have somewhat understand some of the features in our tool as How to configure size and where does it display, right? Today, with this article, I introduce you to the additional features that our tools have. The Price Matrix table extension provides table-based or matrix-based prices for your products that have a complex pricing structure. All you need to do is enter your product price, with the length and width/height changing in matrix form. Now, when a customer accesses a product on the site, the customer enters a measurement, the extension finds the price and displays the exact price of the product.

Online product designer plugin for Woocommerce Wordpress is a plugin of CMsmart that integrates the price matrix feature. This feature helps your site display many variations of a variable product in the form of a pricing table instead of showing them with drop-down boxes.

We have many features of Woocommerce product online design plugin like:

  • Display the Pricing table in the product details page: You can choose any position to display Pricing table on the details page
  • One-click to get the price: Just click on the price in the pricing table and click the “Add to Cart” button to complete, you don’t need to select every attribute of the product
  • Display in vertical/horizontal Direction: Admin can show attributes in the pricing table with vertically or horizontally direction
  • Heading Title: Admin can Hide or Show the Title of Pricing table easily in the admin panel
  • Easily customize: Allow admin can edit colors and the background of the table
  • Enter the price simply: Instead of entering the price manually, you can enter price directly on the pricing table on the admin panel
  • Show the price of the product in details: When you hover in the box, it will show the details about the price information of the product
  • Easily choose the direction for created attributes: On the tab price matrix, the user can drag and drop attributes in the vertical or horizontal direction, then a user can select to show all attributes in the vertical group or horizontal group
  • User can preview matrix in the back-end: After finishing configuration, a user can preview matrix table before showing out in the frontend
  • Easily add/ remove attribute in the Pricing Table: New attributes can be added/removed to the Store Attributes, Shopping Attributes, and Custom Attributes sections. You should keep at least 2 attributes to create a pricing table

 Guide create Price Matrix table with Printing Option’s attribute

How to create a Price Matrix table with Printing Option's attribute? 

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