Nice to meet you in the introductory article series about Magento 2 Marketplace Theme Package. In the previous article, Cmsmart shared with you How To Customize Shipping Calculator Cost Extension On Magento 2 Marketplace Theme Package. Today we will show you How To Customize Call For Price Extension On Magento 2 Marketplace Theme Package? What is this feature and why is it necessary for you? Check them out in the article below!

Overview of Call for price

Product prices can be difficult. Low product pricing can lead to increased sales but less profits, while pricing them too high ultimately only appeals to a niche audience. Product price is an important factor affecting sales. There are many products and services offered by store owners where product prices need to be hidden. There may be many reasons behind such as products not available, prices requiring phone verification, prices depending on quantity, prices depending on personalization and customized requirements and others.

In such cases, hiding prices is the only option you will find. Magento 2 Marketplace Theme Package's Call For Price fixed this issue and introduced an extension to hide product prices and add to the shopping cart button that was replaced by Call Call Price Price. Extensions facilitate offering call-to-action button text and encourage customers to contact you with their details and ask for a price. Offer flexible pricing based on customer groups, quantities purchased, product customization, personalization, services offered, etc.

Magento 2 Marketplace Theme Package

Why choose Magento call extension of Magento 2 Marketplace Theme Package?

  • Communicate directly with potential customers.
  • Choose call for price range from global, specific category or product.
  • Activate a call with the price as a button.
  • Allow expansion based on customer groups.
  • Hide prices on products, categories, and homepage.
  • The module facilitates a call for price popup for button type with custom header and request fill personal information for a quote request.
  • A separate backend grid with request details such as Name, Email, contact details, products of interest to users and their messages to manage requests from the admin panel.
  • Automatic quick reply to customers who acknowledge them to send a successful quote.
  • Multi-store and multilingual support.
  • Supports all default Magento product categories.

How To Customize Call For Price Extension On Magento 2 Marketplace Theme Package?

Extensions allow administrators to hide product prices. Therefore, the administrator needs to configure the module from backend.

Step 1: Call For Price> Configuration

Step 2: Configure

Select the Call for price tab

  • Enable Call for Price on Frontend: choose Yes / No to enable/disable the extension
  • Configure Call for price that is suitable with your website

Step 3: Save config 

  • Remembering refresh cache after changes
  • Access to link: Call For Price Extension to wach the videos for a quick overview of how it works.

Install Magento Call For Price now to establish a direct connection with your customers and provide product and price information to them. If you need any help figuring out please feel free to Contact us and we will be happy to help. Don't forget to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for this item.

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