Youtube is a brand owned by Google. Many people in the world use it every day. I can be sure that if you are reading this article, you are one of the people watching videos on Youtube every day. So, you can know that you will see advertising regularly when watching videos. Obviously, brands are paying a great amount of money for those advertisings and that amount is transferred to Google account. However, Youtube does not own that content. In other words, video creators post it and receive revenue from the advertisement.

To help video creators create revenue from their video content, Youtube announced more tips recently. Many people earn money on Youtube because this is a reputable method of making money online. It is not too difficult to earn money on Youtube. Nevertheless, it is not too easy.

The high usage levels of US adults aged 18+

Just refer to the content of the following article immediately if you are finding how to earn money on Youtube easily! This article is based on my experience and job. If you are a beginner, I hope that it will help you understand more about earning money on Youtube most realistically.

Tip 1: Earning money from Youtube Partner program

Becoming a partner is the most traditional tip to earn money on Youtube. Ads will show on your videos when Youtube accept your channel. The amount of money earned will be calculated on the number of clicks on the ads of viewers. Through the Adsense account, you will receive money. Adsense will transfer money to you through Western Union and you are able to receive at banks when you reach the minimum payment limit of $100.

Tip 2: Earning money from direct advertising

With this tip, one video can bring you the most money. The more people who watch your Youtube are, the more money you are paid by brands. You will be an influential person in a certain community. In other words, you are an influencer if you have a great number of audiences and subscribers. Brands will contact you to advertise for them at this time.

PewDiePie is one of the influencers in the Youtube world

Tip 3: Earning money from sales and business

Youtube is considered as the second largest search engine, only after Google. At the same time, it is a social network about videos with a large audience quantity. This is a huge chance for you to combine sales, business, and building brands.

Tip 4: Earning money from the support of viewers

You can ask viewers to directly donate money to you in the description, or video content if you decide absolutely not to advertise. Live streaming is one of the tips to earn money on Youtube from the support of viewers.

Tip 5: Earning money from utilizing affiliate links on Youtube

Posting affiliate links on Youtube shares a typical resemblance to advertising affiliate links on your blog. Hence, you should not pour affiliate links all over your Youtube content only for the monetary advantage. Remember that viewers will just follow those links when they trust that you are a reliable resource!

Advertising affiliate links can be a huge chance to earn money on Youtube or channels supplying insightful product reviews and in-depth tutorials. For instance, you will start earning commissions if you suggest a product and a user visits your link to purchase. You are able to place those links in the first few lines of your description and tell about your link in your video content.

Tip 6: Earning money from making the most of Youtube marketing funnel

Youtube is a way to spread your message. However, by using Youtube in unison with a blog, you can earn money on Youtube. In this way, you are collecting more email addresses. Plus, you are collecting more email addresses and selling products to your fan base finally. You should be a Youtube partner, select your niche, and begin planning your marketing funnel. This will help to optimize your Youtube channel for sales.


Tip 7: Earning money from mastering Youtube SEO

For video creators having not built an important following yet, you must maximize Youtube SEO and step up your game. To do this, just implement keyword study as you usually would. Nevertheless, you should think a little differently based on what people are searching for on Youtube. After that, just assure that you are utilizing high-value keywords in your description, video title, and video tags.

Tip 8: Earning money from Youtube Red Subscribers

With Youtube Red, your watch time is very important. Thus, you should test your Youtube Analytics to see your statistics such as video engagement or watch time. Content creators can still earn money on Youtube and make 55% of revenue, based on view time even there are not any advertisements. Youtube Red enables users to pay $9.99 for ad-free Youtube viewing. There are mixed reviews on whether Youtube Red reduces or raises CPM rates.

Tip 9: Earning money from being an Amazon influencer

The Amazon influencer program is more and more popular. This kind of influencer program enables you to maximize your Youtube presence to earn money on Youtube via Amazon suggestions. You are able to direct your viewers to Amazon to buy via affiliate links after participating in the program. Furthermore, you are able to recommend and review products. You get your cut of the commissions once your viewers click through and make Amazon purchase - typically from 8 to 10%.

Tip 10: Earning money from brand sponsorship

As of 2019, there were over 700 agencies supporting in matching social media influencers with brands on platforms, for example, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter. Famebit associated with Youtube takes 10% of any sponsorship fee it brokers. Brand sponsorship is an influencer marketing method in the digital marketing. It is also one of the lucrative forms of advertisement. A business will pay a content creator to promote a product or brand within a video.

How to earn money on Youtube from brand sponsorships:

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