According to statistics, there are about more than 1 billion Instagram active users each month, and about 50% of them following at least one business. So, you can totally market your E-commerce store on Instagram. It is one of the social network platforms which are worthy to invest to increase revenue for E-commerce sales of businesses.

Instagram is one of the top social media now. Additionally, brands can recruit new employees, create content, inspire, and introduce products to their customers. It is clear that Ig marketing is not only for personal usage anymore.

Approximately 60% of customers discover new products on this application and 75% of them buy or visit a website after watching an advertisement on it. In other words, you can introduce your products and make your clients increase awareness about your brand through Instagram. Let’s explore some tips to understand how to market on Instagram through this article! These are what E-commerce businesses should really know

Organizing photo contests

Just organize a contest to invite people to send photos they take about your products then post on Instagram with a hashtag of your store and an interesting caption. This is one of the most attractive marketing with Instagram forms to make potential users feel impressive on social networks in general and Instagram in particular. You will choose the most excellent photo to adward weekly or daily. The influence level depends on the attraction level of each contest you supply.

Promoting and introducing products

How often should a business post on Instagram? Users will not want to see old photos. Towards new things is also the demand of almost people. Therefore, you should avoid reusing old photos or posting too many photos with similar styles each day. It is recommended that you should focus on creating a real feel about your service and product. Besides, you should not post photos with boring content, for instance, a chart or map. So, what to post on Instagram? One of the simplest Instagram marketing tips is posting eye-catching and interesting photos about your service and products.


Sharing behind the scenes moments

Today, customers often want to know how your infrastructure architecture is, how your business works, how your business creates a product, etc. In other words, they have a curiosity level beyond a product range. One of the ways to approach customers effectively is by sharing photos about your company scenes such as a party, a special occasion, a meeting or even daily moments. This can be considered as a spice for your service and products. Don’t care about advertisement too much!

Instagram is also a place where to share beautiful moments through exciting videos and photos

Finding potential clients

With Facebook, you will have to pay advertising costs or wait for clients to click the “like” button to attract them. Meanwhile,  Instagram allows you to follow everybody without waiting for approval or asking for permission.

Just follow your friends and find potential users from their sites! If users can hope of real value from you, they will not hesitate to follow you. As a result, focusing on useful content related to your service and products is very important. People will care regularly each day.

You should concentrate on how to grow your brand on Instagram to customers’ minds if you want to market your store. This application is quite an intelligent choice. If you have not known how to effectively market your store on Instagram, just follow the ways above!

If you are a small business, you can refer the best way to market your E-commerce store on Instagram:


Instagram is a very great marketing channel but there are many other ways to expand your channel, for instance, creating websites or other E-commerce solutions. We supply solutions for E-commerce including full solution, plugin, Wordpress themes, Magento themes, Magento 2 extensions and develop the website according to customers' demands. If you need any helps, please contact us here Team support. Many thanks!

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