If you want to realize how strong social media affects our modern life, let’s look around and you can see that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others are like the 21st-Century Main Street. They are an effective tool for communicating, finding information or shopping for products. E-commerce marketers are always sensitive with the new trend and they recognize the power of social media to connect with an audience. According the data analyzed in the first quarter of 2019 by We Are Social, there are more than two billion active social media accounts and the amount of benefit they generate are giant, approximately $100 billion in sales.

You may wonder that how can you detect the opportunities that social media offers? The answer is that never being passive in waiting; let’s create opportunities for yourself and here are four useful ways for you:

  • Combine your products into Social Media Messages

The truth is that people will believe more in quotes. From the point of view of Buffer, tweets with quotes can be retweeted almost 20 percent more often than original material. Quotation notes are the key success factor for leveraging social media and your site simultaneously.

If your website works with digital books, you can convert these quotes into an aesthetically pleasing image and share on social media. Bloomberg is a typical example for applying successfully when they integrated this method into their posts on Twitter.

  • Let the Customer Visualize the Experience

Adding images and just using content, you think what will be more attractive? Buffers data show that tweets with photos get retweeted 35 percent more than those without. Building your brand on popular social media channels like Vine, Pinterest, and Instagram, which use images as the primary means of engagement is a great idea.

That images or videos are always available on social media will refresh customers’ experience about your eCommerce brand and digital products, even they are all intangible assets.

  • Invite the Customer to Be Influential

If you offer a new digital product, let’s invite customers to weigh in on the details or to get involved in the voting process because their opinions are the most objectively for finishing your product. For example, Intuit held an interesting contest called “Love a Local Business” for inviting small business owners to apply for a monetary award that they’ll use to fuel their growth. It is a strategy to bring their brand to every people through applicants’ social networks.

  • Think Surround-Sound

Angry Bird, publicized in 2009, started from the $0.99 downloadable mobile game and mushroom to a billion-dollar franchise including merchandise, video games, and apparel. Rovio Entertainment made a video trailer on YouTube which has since created more than 17 million hits. They are two outstanding successful model of building “an active and continuous relationship”. Customers are the true friend that you should hold for a long time and social media will help you to maintain that relationship.

  • Keystone

Social media is an ideal factor in a low-cost strategy of each company, why don’t you experience with different social media channels to find the most suitable one for you and your customers?