Surely customers who have used online design products on Magento platform are still impressed by its robustness and intelligence. However, with the goal of giving customers the best product quality and the fact that the dominance of digital printing technology has overwhelmed manual printing, Cmsmart has researched and released version 4.0.0 of the product Magento online design. This is also the most powerful tool of Magento printmart package solution.

One of the outstanding features of this version will be the new design editor layout. Listen to this, surely you want to check the demo of this product and start working on it, right? However, there are many other interesting things that Cmsmart brought in this update. Please take a moment to check what it is.

Some outstanding features of Version 4.0.0 Magento online design

New design editor layout: This is a special feature that we want to emphasize in version 4.0.0. With this feature, customers can design any product online without any specialization in graphic design skills.

Gallery: Pixaby, Bapt, typeface, clipart: In order to assist customers with more choices, diversified models and images, we have added these features. There are thousands of models for you to choose from.

Upload design without custom design: This feature helps customers to easily upload an existing design file. Support JPG, PNG, PDF files.

QR/ Bar-code: With the QR / Bar-code client, just enter the website URL to get the corresponding QR / bar-code easily.

Export design to SVG and Export design to high-resolution JPG, CMYK mode and ICC profile (required: php Imagick API): JPG with high resolution and CMYK mode is the best choice to print in most cases. In addition, you can export the design to SVG simply.


Tweak - Admin manage fonts page, Compatibility with Magento 2.3.x

This is another great feature that you will experience when updating version 4.0.0 of Magento online design. Hundreds of installed fonts are available in this version. You can choose any fonts you like. And it is compatible with Magento 2.3.x versions. Extremely convenient for integrating the latest Magento versions at the present time.

Do not hesitate anymore about updating this latest version of Magento online design for your website. User experience is always the number one priority of a caregiver. Don't forget that. Demo

The detail in the video: 

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