Back to the annual event Imagine in Las Vegas that was held in April 2018, the atmosphere was so hot with the high consideration of all participants. A lot of speculations were given about the new features and functionalities the merchants could expect from its next release Magento 2.3. It can be said that since Adobe acquired Magento, it has been the first version release for the eCommerce platform and do you wonder what’s new in this version and how merchants can be beneficial? Let’s read this post:

  1. All-New Page Builder

If with the former versions, web owners still need to engage extensive coding practices to build a page but now, it becomes much easier thanks to easy drag-and-drop page builder functionality. This intuitive page builder will be released to the merchants as a beat for Magento 2.3, and as a full version in the subsequent patch releases 2.3.X. In 2016, Magento offered Bluefoot Page Builder but it could not be as great as drag-and-drop page builder because was only limited to some of the selected partners of Magento.

  1. GraphQL

In short, GraphQL is a query language used in API management to attain a smooth transfer of data. In new version of Magento, web owners can define the exact data and join a variety of data in a single request. Therefore, unlike SOAP/REST. GraphQL will help users to process single requests even within minor stacks and will display the exact information the user needs. No more processing the returned data, that’s so great!

  1. Google reCAPTCHA

The security will improve to the maximum with the free service of Google reCAPTCHA. This service will secure the following pages:

  • Login
  • Contact form
  • Forgot password
  • Register
  • Admin login
  1. Cache Management ACL

Magento cache management will now enhance and extend the Access Control List (ACL) and will provide merchants with the ability to define and control the cache-related actions. So as the result, users will achieve higher control over their eCommerce store.

  1. Multi-Stock Inventory

By using Magento 2.3 interface, users can link a variety of channels including the eCommerce stores, physical stores, marketplaces etc. So it would be easier to approach their customers through the closest store location of the shipping address. More convenient for both merchants and consumers.

  1. Support for PHP 7.2

PHP 7.2 is the newest PHP version and when Magento 2.3 compatible with PHP 7.2, it means that your website remains updated with the supported technologies and use the most recent language features. The update will additionally replace mcrypt with a more secured libsodium as its encryption technique.

  1. Progressive Web Applications

In order to support PWAs, Magento will launch its own PWA studio in Magento 2.3. this will ensure the website is fast, engaging and highly reliable.  This functionality will also encompass push notifications and offline compatibility, providing a much better overall performance.