Here are the top 3 reasons why we should use digital printing services:

  1. Print on demand

Both offset and digital printing serve customers' demand but most of the offset printing won’t accept rush orders. With digital printing, they don't require plates or any other factors to have these files printed, they will collect files or data straight from your computer, flash drive or through an e-mail and print instantly the required number of copies. If you also require hard copies of contracts or other important files, it is totally possible with digital printing.

  1. Customization options

In digital printing industry, you can do anything with your order to satisfy demand. For example, you want to customize the design of product, add more detail to it, you can use online design tool ( add text, upload images, etc.). Say no to available design, you can create your own printing product that brings your signature.

  1. Cost efficient

I even saw some small and medium businesses bought a printer of your own to serve their demand of printing for marketing strategies, they suppose that it will save in their printing costs. However, it has no longer been the best solution since digital printing was used. Hiring a digital printing service is proven to be more cost-efficient for many reasons. You can save money for maintenance fees, ink, paper and other printing materials, and don't have to worry about printers not functioning.

How can you choose a proper digital printing supplier

  • The services of digital printing businesses are almost the same but the experience and number of years in this industry will be different. The longer they have been in business the better their service gets because they have more time to learn from mistakes and get full knowledge about what they’re doing. The industry is so crowded and to survive for a long time, the printing quality should be great.
  • Compare price: If you are return consumers of printing service, let choose one digital printing business and then go with it whenever your business needs it. Staying longer together will help that supplier understand more thoroughly on what your business is and what your needs are. One more interesting fact is loyal customers usually get more discounts. Save money, right?
  • Read feedback: Feedback is the most objective reflection for quality of a printing business. It shows which companies have satisfied customers and which ones offer impeccable service. Use these reviews as your guide in helping you find which digital printing service works well with your business needs. Company with low price service might not be suitable to your requirement. Reasonable price is that you can save money but good printing quality. Make sure to read plenty of reviews until you found the right company which deserves your trust the best.

Recommendation for printing business owners

If you intend to start an online printing business, I recommend to use WordPress Printshop theme with online design from Cmsmart for some reasons:

  • Built on WordPress so it is easy for you to manage because ease of use of WordPress platform is undeniable
  • It comes with different packages for different scale of business
  • Included Woocommerce product designer plugin ( it has been released the newest version 2.0.0)
  • Included CRM and multivendor feature.