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The design editing interface is one of the important parts of an online design website. Whether the customer feels interested in your product depends greatly on your design interface. So what is the design interface, how does it work and how does it work for a print shop website? In this article, I will introduce to you the editing design interface. Especially, about the design editing interface in Magento 2 Online Product Designer. Let's start!

First, we need to learn some of the basic definitions related to the design editor.

Design editor

  • Online design: also called Online Product Designer or Online Designer is a component of the website used to design, decorate or customize a product such as T-shirt, card, sticker, poster catalogs, mobile cases ...
  • Design editor: is a definition that refers to people who edit existing designs, check for errors and complete the design. In fact, there is also a manual design editor. Design editor working in the design field will have to do the following tasks: unifying design ideas, quality assurance, and error checking. So this job is very important in a design or printing company.
  • Layout: is the arrangement of graphic elements, and content on any design to create consistency for the whole work.
  • Magento Online Design: What is the Premium Online Product designer extension? See video tutorial for details

So the Design editor layout is a tool that allows us to edit blueprints on an existing layout interface. This tool is especially useful in Online Design because it helps customers easily modify the design as desired. Moreover, a beautiful and easy-to-use layout design editor also attracts and sympathizes with users.

In the latest update version 4.0.0, Magento 2 Online Design product has made big changes. Especially with the new Design layout editor with more beautiful images, more streamlined and more attractive tools.

Design editor Layout

Highlight Feature Premium Online Product Designer Extension

  • On the edit design layout, there are many templates available with bright and eye-catching images. Funny images are especially suitable for the young.
  • There are many types of text design available for your customers to choose from.
  • There are beautiful artistic fonts that help customers create personalized values for themselves.
  • Etc

In addition, your customers can use other tools on the design editor layout for your design such as:

  • Import and export design files
  • Save the design image you have made
  • Display ruler, grid, line cells, size units, etc. Create the most favorable conditions for customers to design and customize their products.

The above is just an article related to some of the basic features of the latest revision design layout updated in Magento 2 Online Product design version 4.0.0. Hopefully, this article has given you some useful information. To know more about this feature, please follow on the detailed description or visit our DEMO. If you are interested in this product and want to equip your website with a powerful online design tool. What are you waiting for, buy and download the product right away? Its great features will not disappoint you.

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