Although we are in the era of paperless offices are prioritized, the business card is still a mainstay of the business. Some business owners even consider it as the key marketing opportunity so business owners will pay a lot of attention to how their business cards will be designed. In this article, we will share 7 tips for the business card printing company and hope you can bring your customers the best service ever:

  1. Just important stuff is enough

The key information that must be focused on is the business name, contact info, name, and title, they are what you should prioritize. Other info related to social networks, a list of every service, a short bio, you can recommend customers to add but must be careful, don't make business cards be overwhelmed. Think about highlighting your key information and a meaningful slogan in a simple yet contrasting color palette.

  1. Cover the entire business cards with color, is it really necessary?

Business card, of course, cannot just come with so boring and simple white color, so it should be applied color for both sides. However, one thing I want to recommend is you should use gentle colors and many people like to take notes on cards to trigger their recall, let's leave a space for notetaking.

  1. Always be professional

Customers nowadays no longer like the available templates from printing companies, they want to bring their personal signature to the card. That's the reason why printing package in Web2print Saas solution was integrated Woocommerce product designer plugin. Customers can upload their desired artwork and create the design to follow their own idea. You can give them some recommendations but letting them be themselves is so important.

  1. Can you read it?

A simple question? Yes, but it will be helpful. It will be successful if you can choose an interesting and readable font. A suggestion for you is choosing some great font pairings from Google fonts. By using a Google font you can be sure that your typeface can be used easily both on your print items and also on your website.

  1. Think about the audience

You can make a survey and ask your family members, friends and your former partners, they will give you the subjective opinion. The business card will appear approachable, high quality, personalized, industry-leading, a young demographic or retirees, they are all valuable ideas.

  1. Finishing touches

Show everybody the professional of your business by taking care of rounded corners, or a gloss coating, or perhaps some embossing. It might be a small task but it will make your printing business stand out.

  1. Call to Action

Besides keeping business cards be focused, it is also important to add Call to Action. CTA might be a short message for the discount program or some special offer to invite them to your email list or a helpful tip. More than a channel of contact, let's make a business card more memorable!

Some tips above sound simple but when you apply them, you will recognize how good they could be!