Do you know what is the most loved eCommerce platform among a lot of ecommerce open source? Do you know what enjoys a collective 20% market share? The answer is absolutely Magento. And it is predicted that in the next few years, it may exceed the number of 20% rapidly due to the huge demands for premium Magento 2 extensions.

One thing we want to note that the default Magento 2 itself offers adequate great features but when you use Magento 2 extensions, they will allow you to deal with all problems related to UX, make it better to satisfy your visitors needs. Before you decide to apply Magento 2 extensions for your site, there are some tips we suggest you to take over look and keep in mind:

Embracing Magento2, why?

The reason why Magento 1.x is preferred and become so popular is in the versatility and flexibility it brings to users; however, nothing is perfect and Magento 1.x is not exceptional. After a time of using, users had pointed out some drawbacks such as lack of administrative tools or slow loading speed. So, let’s look over and talk about Magento 2.x to study about features and capabilities.

It can be said that default Magento 2 is the better platform in comparison to previous version because it enables users to handle many catalog pages smoothly without affecting the website speed. Users will gain higher level of competitive advantage rather than other existing platforms like Woocommerce or Shopify (faster rougly 20%, equal to 1 – 2 seconds). Moreover, Magento 2 will bring you powerful admin interface, intuitive checkout process, mobile-friendly and many more.

So, that is the overview about how Magento 2 is better than other platforms, in the next step, we will summarize about some tips, about how to choose suitable Magento 2 eCommerce extensions for your business.

Identifying your purpose

Determine why you need extensions. Only when you can answer this question, will you identify a certain functionality you need for your online shops. Sometimes, choice is not just one; you may have more than one extension with the same functionality to your store. Don’t worry, let’s investigate deeper, and zoom in to find out which one will fulfill all your needs.

Trusted Provider for Magento 2 Extensions

Here are some tips for choosing right providers among hundreds or even thousands extension providers

  • Checking Updates Frequency: Extensions belong to service or intangible assets and they are never fixed, they should be updated frequently. The update includes updating changelog, fixing bugs, the developers who usually update their products will be the one you can trust. Although most of Magento 2 extensions are relatively new, you can still make a comparison to provider’s previous versions.
  • Reading online reviews: Of course, when you decide to choose any provider, you will reach out that vendors, talk with them, discuss about your requirements. However, that is not enough, let's see the experience of customers who used it before. You can search that review on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Real experience in those reviews will make you feel more confident about your choice. Critical elements to look out for should be privacy policy, customer policy.
  • Looking for refund policy: Don't waste your money, so let's  make sure the paid Premium Magento 2 Extensions can satisfy all your requirements. The providers should show that they will be responsible for their products with a money back guarantee.
  • Looking for demo: Demo gives you chance to enjoy the product before deciding whether to buy or not. It will be best if you can test both frontend and backend aspect of the demo. The extension should be easy to setup and runs smooth to breathe life to your Magento 2 store.