Today, customers consider customer service as an important factor in their buying decision.

As many as 96% of consumers consider customer service an important aspect of whether or not they should be loyal to a brand. With the same product, if you perform well in customer service, it can help you increase sales, repeat customers, trustworthiness, and brand loyalty. In addition, maintaining existing customers costs 5 times less than finding new customers

According to Customer service and business results: Excellence in customer service ranked as the #1 factor that most impacted participants.

How important is customer service to you in your choice of or loyalty to a brand?

Companies in all over the world will agree that customer service determines the growth of the business. Therefore, companies need to update customer service updates and the latest trends regularly. If you are looking for the future of customer service technology trends in 2021, in this article, we want to cover the Top 10 Customer Service Trends in Technology to Follow in 2021 that you don't want to miss. Let's explore it immediately.

Top 10 Customer Service Trends in Technology to Follow in 2021

1. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

A lot of businesses today use Ai chatbots in their customer service strategies and it’s one of the most popular customer service trends in technology to follow in 2021. It is similar to virtual assistants because they use algorithms to recognize and automatically answer customer questions and ignore human agents.

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that gives systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without the need for explicit programming. That means the more bots interact with users, the better the bot becomes at solving their problems.

2. Remote & Freelance Customer Service Agents

One of the customer service trends in technology that is gaining popularity today is remote work. As call center software becomes more mature, with the introduction of group video applications like Zoom, more customer service teams can work from home.

These advances in science and technology allow for broader recruitment, as agents can work remotely at their current location as long as they have access to the internet - something that has been largely popular and widely used today. In addition, ensuring remote representatives from different locations can ensure that someone in different time zones can answer customer questions anytime, anywhere.

Remote customer service is also gaining popularity and is a job that many people consider when choosing remote work:

3. Customer self-service

Customer self-service is also one of the most well-known customer service trends in technology. It is a support that allows users to find solutions on a regular basis through a knowledge base or automated task management platform. Self-service (CSS) customers do not require actual customer representatives to assist users. Today's customers are accustomed to accessing information at the touch of a button. In a Google-driven world, they find it annoying to go to the physical support counter or call the customer service line to get answers to their questions about the company and its products.

Also, customer self-service saves business time. Because customers want the opportunity to solve problems on their own, customer service reps spend less time troubleshooting the problem once and more time solving broader, complex problems.

4. Social Media Customer Service

Social media customer service is one of the current technology trends. Today, social media is not just advertising or promotion, it is also a means to increase customer engagement and relationship building. As the use of social media around the world continues to increase, customers will expect to be able to ask questions and solve problems they encounter while using products / services through their social media accounts. your association.

According to Statista, 47% of respondents from the US said that they have a more favorable view of brands responding to questions or complaints about customer service on social media.

Here are some of the ways in which you can provide services through social networks:

  • Respond to complaints and resolve issues publicly on Tweets or posts. Doing so demonstrates your commitment to the service and transparency of the brand.
  • Answer customer questions and share links to helpful resources
  • Get over the issue by explaining the issue on your social accounts. This is especially helpful if a new product has elements of confusion or fails.
  • Thanks to followers who gave good reviews or positive reviews. For example, many businesses take the time to respond to Google Reviews.

5. Omnichannel support

Omnichannel support is one of the future technology trends in customer service. Latest customer service trends let you choose your own for connecting with support staff - phone, email, live chat, SMS and social media, and more.

Each individual support channel provides a specific type of customer communication. There are unique scenarios in which phones are preferred for texting, when self-service is more useful than live chat, etc. This makes it difficult to provide full service to all customers at all times if your company only leverages one support channel.

Following the omnichannel customer service trend, companies can create a seamless customer experience and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

You can check out Ultimate Guide to the Omnichannel Customer Experience:

6. Real-Time Customer Support

According to Hubspot, 33% of customers who received help were disappointed by waiting and 19% disappointed by the slow response time. This data tells us that more than ever, customers want quick responses to their customer service queries.

As a result, many businesses are now turning to real-time support. Most of the time, when you visit any site, live chat is found. This kind of instant support helps boost customer satisfaction and positively in your conversion rate.

7. Personalize customer service

One of the popular customer service trends in technology is to provide personalize customer service. Personalization is common in marketing and sales, and customer service is following suit. Collecting and processing data is crucial for customer service personalization. You can capture customer data throughout their journey with your brand, and doing so provides many opportunities for tailored, individualized customer service. 

For example, if you own an online store, your staff can access what customers have added to your wish list or purchased from an online store. Your staff can use that information to make personalized in-store recommendations.

CRM tools can help you track this activity. Customer relationship management will make it easy for you to manage your customers and be able to provide personalized services.

Personalized customer care trends help develop customer loyalty. Giving customers the opportunity to choose how to connect with businesses will surely add to the value of their experience.

8. Video Chat

Video chat or live chat is the way to guide customers with their inquiries and help them navigate through services and deliver accurate information through real-time support. Including real-time support for your company's customer service trends will benefit you in a number of ways.

Some special about Video chat:

  • Immediately deal with customer inquiries and problems
  • Save a lot of time for agents and customers
  • Maximize your chances of converting sales
  • Ease of use is simple for customers
  • Improve engagement and customer satisfaction

9. UX is a key in customer service

Your successful business is determined by your end-user experience. If you want your business to grow and more customers to visit your website, User experience is important. A recent study shows that, 88% of online consumers hardly choose to return back to the website after a bad experience. A well-designed user interface could raise your website's conversion rate by up to a 200%, and a better UX design could generate conversion rates up to 400%. That’s why UX is a key in customer service.

10. Be mobile

According to Thomas Husson, vice president and financial analyst at Forrester Research, mobile is not only becoming a new digital hub, a bridge to the physical world but also is one of the popular customer service trends in technology in 2021. That's why mobile will affect your digital operations more - it will transform your entire business.

Mobile channels play an important role in solving problems over the phone, as one way to increase customer satisfaction. It develops relationships with customers and builds loyalty with customers


I hope that this Top 10 Customer Service Trends in Technology to Follow in 2021 convince you. The above technology service trends can help businesses turn customer service into a real differentiator compared to competitors. If you know any customer service trends in technology, leave comments in the section below so I will update it on this list.

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