T-shirt design ideals in 2021 are not as simple as before, this is the era for T-shirts to spread the artistic intentions and creativity of the designers. Not only does it help provide people with a creative outlet where they can freely and safely express themselves, helping to support individuals, communities, and social movements around the world. It can be said that T-shirts can also help inspire and change the world. Below are the Top 10 T-Shirt Design Ideas for 2021 that you shouldn’t miss. Let’s dive into it.

Top 10 T-Shirt Design Ideas for 2021

1. Book Design - Popular T-Shirt Design

Books help bring each other together more than we know it. So how can we express love and desire to connect with others, who share a similar interest in reading? Book design is one of the most popular t-shirt design ideas and is predicted to be one of the trending t-shirts in 2021.

Whether books are the main theme of your design or you use them as part of the structure, they can add a great backdrop to your t-shirt.

2. Strong Messages - Cool Shirt Designs

Sometimes your t-shirt design ideas just say what you need to say, bold and clear. This bold design trend is especially effective if your outfit supports an individual, a political campaign or a social movement. What's the tip here?

Look for words, perfect sentences or slogans that convey what you hope to share with your community and the world. Want others to focus on your strong statements? Keep your shirt minimal and simple, then burst your text with bold, easy-to-read font, handwritten patterns, bright colors or just plain black and white.

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3. Tarot Cards - Best T-shirt Design

One of the favorite design trends we predict will cause a storm in 2021 is the use of tarot cards on shirts. Possessing unique, iconic images and high aesthetics, the tarot cards provide a variety of elements for t-shirt designers to take inspiration from. This style of design is a great go-to for those looking for a visual representation of their message. So what's the trick here? The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with its own symbol. Choose which 1 or more leaves can convey your own t-shirt design ideas and style, the messages you are aiming for.

4. Animal portrait

With the rise of environmental, natural, and animal influence on social media, a new trend is to draw large animal portraits on shirts, resembling floating pets. the language customers want to celebrate. Designers create large, stylized portraits of dogs, cats, turtles, cows and more! This is a great design idea if you are a darling, pet owner, or if you are designing for an Animal Rescue or Conservation Foundation or Association. So, with all this in mind, animal portrait can be seen as one of the best t-shirt design ideas for 2021.

5. Floral

Beautiful flowers are represented in many ways, with many symbolic meanings. Flowers can represent growth and beauty, or a fresh start. But they can also be added decorative to frame words or phrases contained in the design.

You can take flowers as the main focus of a t-shirt, or use flowers to add an extra element to a printed t-shirt. Wrap flowers around the words in your artwork to give your designs a more floral, natural feel. You can also draw a more complex design with flowers as the main focus and add smaller text around or below it.

6. Words inspire - Best T-shirt Design

An increase in t-shirt designs, these simple and beautiful designs encourage anyone to see. The inspirational sayings are no longer just for iPhone wallpapers or posters on the wall, paintings, but nowadays, they can go anywhere by being printed on T-shirts. This design trend is especially popular among young people. They often design their shirts to highlight a popular saying like trends or something means to them. The trick is to think about the message you want to share with the people in your community, whether they will wear the shirt for themselves or for others to wear. What should the world around you listen to?

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7. Handwritten Typography

Your Handwritten Typography can come in a variety of moods, be it bubbly, classic, bold, or subtle. The flexibility you get when you draw your own lettering makes it a great choice for almost any t-shirt you're designing.

Due to the variety in font styles, the first step in designing your font is deciding what mood you want to evoke with your text. Then start making the design more interesting using fun colors, adding lines or other design elements around the letters.

8. Repeating message design

Repeating your message is a surefire way to gain your perspective. It will make the desired impact, while at the same time creating a well-designed shirt. This t-shirt design idea is perfect if you're not super design-savvy, but still want to create a trendy t-shirt on your own.

Select the bold message you want to convey. Then just choose an attractive font that matches the mood of your message and purpose, then repeat it. You can also use the text in it as part of the message and change it slightly on each line.

9. Retro - Amazing T-shirt Design Idea

Retro is still one of the creative t-shirt design ideas in 2021. Designers are bringing designs back to the 60s and 70s with vintage fonts in retro colors. Using a striking font with fun colors is an easy way to create a simple graphic t-shirt that is easy to combine with other accessories. With a classic and simple t-shirt, you can flex your outfit with flexibility.

Find free font sites for typography inspiration. Or, you can hand-draw your words with vintage inspiration! And don't forget to add color. Red, yellow, and pink colors are great options for this classic t-shirt.

10. Rainbow

The colorful rainbows have become quite a popular image to use on t-shirt designs! Rainbows evoke joy, hope and miracles, making them the perfect image for almost any type of t-shirt for all ages. Let the rainbow stand alone, or add a word or quote to add meaning and inspiration to your design. Many designers often pair brilliant rainbows with a positively inspiring slogan.

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It's only been 2 months since 2021, and we can't wait to see the greatest t-shirt design trends happening in 2021. If you know about other T-shirt Design Trends, let everyone know by commenting in the section below and I will update it frequently.

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