Do you know how rapid is the pace of change in digital printing industry? It is almost a mile a minute. Although digital printing is not a brand new term and people are also familiar with its use to our life, it is still becoming a big deal when printing business owners find different ways to attract customers’ attention and be unique among the crowd by producing a premium print that many people are seeking. The personalization affects strongly on printing demands, people require shorter print runs of high-end products and tailored individual designs, which leads to the top 5 trends of digital printing in 2019 as follow:

  1. Metallic Inks

Why do you have to worry about matt when you can totally make it shine and brilliant? When you get something wrong, digital printing technology can make it right and this case is Metallic inks. It is especially preferred during the festive or winter season. The outstanding point of using metallic inks is foiling with gold or silver can produce a subtler effect and gives the print a more premium feel. If you intend to print for signals, awards, and logos, that’s when metallic inks work to add authenticity. One more suggestion for you is metallic inks will look so good on coated paper and when you mix various colors.

  1. Fluorescent Inks

To grab visitors’ attention, a lot of business owners take advantages of bright and bold colors created by Fluorescent inks. Because a beautiful design is never enough, customers find it has nothing outstanding so neon colors will make it as bright as it is on screen.

  1. White inks

Have you ever thought that while inks are quite boring and have nothing special? In fact, it can provide you with dark, sultry yet impactful prints. It will serve the demands of printing on dark and transparent media. You can see white inks work as an underlayer that will highlight the colors below or can stand out by itself.

  1. 3D effects

If we turn back to about ten years ago, haptic printing seemed to be an actually beautiful but too expensive printing technique. When the new and lower-cost technique entered to market, it allowed more and more users to approach items produced by 3D effects. In 2019, we can meet a lot of 3D printing effects applied in different industries. Customers are increasingly asking for printed products that speak to and connect with their audiences and 3D printing can complete this requirement. Moreover, when you combine it with metallic or fluorescent inks, the results will be amazing.

  1. Spot color inks

A common problem all designers have to cope with is matching the array of colors that graphic designers have at their disposal. However, the good news is everything will be resolved in 2019 thanks to spotting color inks.

“By adding red, green or blue dry inks, you can transform a four-color press into a seven-color press and achieve 98% of the full Pantone range.”

The final thoughts,

It is expected to change a lot in 2019 and what I mention above are the most outstanding ones. Are you ready to enter the digital printing industry and catch up with the trends? If you have any ideas, leave the comment in the box.