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Today, society is growing, leading to a lot of developed industries, especially the economy. As we can clearly see in the current society, the economy is an extremely developed industry and attracts personnel and investment, so companies are also increasing. Customers have the right to choose the company or solution they use, they see which company is reputable, which solution is effective, they choose to use.

The product printing industry is extremely hot in online design. For example, a T-shirt printed with eye-catching images will certainly attract more buyers than a plain T-shirt, and of course, their prices differ.

Print eye-catching images on products are extremely important. Are you looking for a powerful and efficient online printing solution? Come to CMsmart, we are proud to create a Premium Online Product Designer Extension for Magento solution, this solution is a perfect choice in online design. Trust me!

As you know, the company is more growing, highly competitive, meaning that the requirements of customers are increasing, require businesses to constantly change and update trends. The solution that is created should be constantly updated, updated to improve what is not good in the old version or add the features that the customer wants the solution to have. With this plugin, we are also constantly updating. Most recently, we updated to version 4.3.0 for the solution. Let's explore the great update feature in this latest version!

premium online designer for Magento

You can check at DEMO.

This solution version 4.3.0 update add-on Printing Option. Premium Product Pricing Options Suite Extension for Magento 2 is a useful tool that allows online shop owners to set and display different prices for each product in each store view of the corresponding store as wish.

Let’s find out this 4.3.0 version:

1. Customize Printing fields

You can select the options type which you want to set up for the product. 

  • Default field: The sample default field: Multiple select field, Input field.
  • Delivery date: Setup delivery date with custom price and quantity.
  • Artwork actions: Option to choose what kind of action for artwork.

When setting up the product, with this feature, you can easily set options types for your product. Simplify product management and taxonomy by adding and changing attributes that help differentiate products from each other. Each product will have its own unique setting, which is great when you can easily set the type for the product, right?

2. Customize Online design fields

With this feature, you can easily customize the product in many aspects: Front / Page, Page Number, Side List, Front / Back, Color / Material, Size, Custom Size, DPI, Area design shape, Orientation, Padding, Rounded corners.

You being able to customize the product variety makes it easy to set properties for the product. Although the product has many attributes, it can not be difficult for you. With this feature, creating and setting properties of any product can not be difficult for you.

3. Print Pricing Option

You can enable the print pricing options in the backend for all products. You can turn on the printing price option on the back for all products. Each product has a printing price option, different pricing methods. The issue of print price in product design is extremely important, neither you nor I can deny it, right? Therefore, this price option is an indispensable feature.

4.  Improve default quantity option

This feature improves quantity box default with more effect like More display type (Range slider, Dropdown, Select box), Quantity breaks with advanced price (ex: discount), Discount type base on quantity breaks. 

When any customer comes to a sales page and chooses to buy a product, they will choose the number of products they want to buy. You want to display the quantity line in form? you can easily customize it as you like.  Cleverly customizing the way the display looks when a customer chooses the quantity will make the ordering step on your site more professional.

5. General Setting "Printing Options"

And finally, the last feature we include in the upgraded version of the solution is the General Setting "Printing Options". You can set one or more options for printing options. The printing option is integrated into this solution, you can set the option easily. This is awesome, right?

Magento Pricing Options Suite Extensions allow adopting a dynamic set of pricing strategies for your website. You can select the one that seems to be effective and suitable for your business. This includes selling the product with respect to size, weight, and volume, or making product bundles and boxes. The integrated printing option in the latest upgrade hopes to make you satisfied.

Premium Online Product Designer Extension for Magento is a perfect solution in online design. Now that the solution has integrated the printing option, the solution becomes more complete. Integrate more features into this latest version, in terms of printing options for products, customers now no longer have to worry about not knowing the print options,  prices option like.

Above are my sharing about features version 4.3.0 of Premium Online Product Designer Extension for Magento - web to online design solution. Hopefully, the article has brought some useful information for you. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback HERE. My colleagues and I are willing to support you.

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