For those who are close to CMsmart, surely you are no strangers to Teepro - Tshirt printing store eCommerce website with online designer, an effective T-shirt design theme. We understand the importance of T-shirt design technology, the design of beautiful T-shirts is extremely important in deciding whether you can sell them. With the Tshirt printing solution package, The NB team strives to improve every day with the desire to bring users the perfect experience with our theme.

Recently, its version 3.2.3 has been released with multiple Wordpress plugins are upgraded. We upgrade our website continuously to improve our website better, help business owners sell effectively, and get high profits. Things are modified in version 3.2.3 I will introduce to you below.

t-shirt printing Solution

To find out more about the product and its changes after modification, please visit the following link: Live Demo. This is our demo page, you can try and design your own custom T-shirts.

Now, let's find out what's new in T-shirt solution version 3.2.3:

  • Improved: Rewrite clear cache for Price Matrix:

Want to sell a T-shirt, setting the price for a T-shirt is very important, it greatly affects the buying decision of customers. you understand that right? Understanding its importance, we are always concerned about the price matrix of the product and make sure that it will not encounter problems during your use. 
In version 3.2.3, we rewrite the cache clearing for the price matrix. Hope you are satisfied!

  • Improved: Rewrite module PDF Creator

PDF Creator is especially lightweight, easy to use and flexible, you need to customize, secure and manipulate your PDF documents. With the Create feature, you can create PDFs from documents that contain important or private information and use the file's security features to keep your files safe and control access to them.
By choosing to use a PDF document, you can be assured that your file will always look the same and will be compatible with any PDF software no matter what system or software it is created with. We have rewritten the module PDF Creator in the latest version.

  • Improved: Support Chinese-characters for PDF Creator

I know a lot of people when exporting data to PDF have problems with Chinese characters. Problems opening PDF but data is cut off or incomplete. Chinese characters are not included in previous versions, and in the 3.2.3 update version, we have added Chinese characters for PDF creator. 

  • Fixed: Price matrix does not display properly currency symbol

When you look at the price of any product, you can easily see that in addition to the number representing the price of the product, it also displays a symbol attached to that number. The currency symbol is very important, it helps you know which currency the product is in and convert it to the value of the currency you are using. 
Unfortunately, in our previous version, there was an error in the currency symbol display (we are very sorry about that), we have fixed that in the latest version of the T-shirt printing store, hope you are satisfied!

  • Fixed: Order upload can not attach file

Now when you go to some purchase page, you will see the ordering feature by filling in the product information in a file (like excel) and attaching it when making the order. Order by entering product information into a file with a clear information sheet that helps customers avoid confusion and shows the professionalism of the sales page.
In a product order file, there is a table that allows customers to enter information about the products they want to order, such as product link, color, size, quantity,... and in the price column will automatically display the price of the product helps the customer to capture the amount of your order.
We are sorry that there was an error in the previous version, we fixed it, now please update our latest version of T-shirt printing store and experience.

  • Fixed: FAQs does not display properly

This is a very important feature, you and I understand that any website that is built and wants to develop needs user feedback about it, they decide whether you succeed or not. We are very sorry because in the previous version there was an error about this feature, we quickly fixed it. 

  • Fixed: Minor CSS

With a simple CSS technique, you can solve this problem by automatically scaling the image to fix it in the correct size, and focusing the display in the middle of the background image, helping to ensure that the reader can still see. Image content, writers can upload any image at any rate without breaking the interface.
When the image size and aspect ratio do not match the design of the website, the thumbnail image will show only one corner of the actual image. CSS technique helps images of any size and size will be fixed to fit into the design view first, ensuring no damage to the interface.
In the previous version, there are still minor CSS errors, and we fixed it. 

  • Update: Use Instagram Feed plugins to get data from Instagram

Instagram can be a great source of content for your sales website. Now, thanks to this Instagram Feed plugin, getting Instagram data into your website has never been easier. When setting up the plugin, you can choose the user account to import data from, the number of entries to enter, and a few other options. The Instagram feed can then be inserted into your posts and pages or displayed in the sidebar or footer area on your website.
With an advanced tool, you can take advantage of more filters to determine which data will show up on your site like images that are specific to your users. In most cases, you can view display and presentation options through live demo on plugin pages.
If you want to display data from Instagram on your T-shirt website, no matter what your budget, the Instagram Feed is very impressive to help you do that. In the newest T-shirt printing solution version, the NetBase team updated Instagram Feed plugins. CMSmart hopes you have a good website experience with this feature.

  • Update plugin:

    • Netbase Solution 1.8.0
    • Netbase Dashboard 1.2.1
    • Dokan Pro 2.9.13
    • Slider Revolution 6.1.2

Over time, WordPress plugin vendors will update plugins to fix bugs, add functionality, or update to match the latest WordPress version. Many people often ignore the update steps for plugins and as a result, your website often fails. In the T-shirt printing solution version 3.2.3, CMSmart update some additional plugins with the desire to bring the best website to customers.

Above is my share of the things we fixed, updated in the latest version of the T-shirt printing solution. Of course, this is not all, I will share more information about the new features of this product in the next article. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us at the information or click support team. I give below, we are always ready to answer your questions, looking forward to your early reply. Thank you for reading! Goodbye, see you again soon!

Best regards.
Have a nice day!