The term of automation has got the wide acceptance among printing industry and online design tool is an indispensable item in this sector. We found that a lot of digital printing companies have been looking for a solution helping them deploy product design tools within their website so that their customers can prepare the design while accessing the website. In this article, I am so glad to introduce you a tool called Magento online design module for any Magento websites from Netbase team and how our customer experience with it.

Kinshuk Manu works as the partner of located in India. They are coming up with an E-commerce website of Personalised Gift. Right at the first time, he checked demo and introduction, he has decided that Magento online design extension is exactly what he has been finding. What he likes most in this Magento extension is Design template management when all design templates will be created in the Backend by the store owner and your customers can view their design templates in the Frontend.

He also commented that support team was "Soft-spoken and understand our issue. Nothing could be better than working with such a professional team. His opinion for this product is: " Need to enhance the backend data for customer photo to be download as it was uploaded and font properties need to appear."
We are so glad to hear that customer satisfies with our product and we also notice his contribution to upgrade and improve this Magento online design extension.