TEEPRO – Woocommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer WordPress Theme is one of the top Wordpress T-shirt theme on Themeforest at this time from Cmsmart provider. Heamasi Taukeiaho is Owner of CQ Unlimited. www.cqunlimited.com.au. His business is located in Sydney, Australia. He has built a printing website successfully with this item and this post is his real experience about this WordPress theme.

1. Why you choose our products/ solutions instead of other products/ solutions? If possible, please tell us name of other solutions.

Heamasi: Good product and price was reasonable for the Tee Pro theme. I think the total solution was too much for me to buy and justify.

2. Which highlight feature do you like most in our products/ solutions?

Heamasi : NB Desginer is good, looking forward also to possibly purchasing the Amazon Multi-Vendor.

3. Do you feel easy when installing our product/ solutions?

Heamasi: I had to update plugins via FTP as the my website went blank on front end. I found out the plugins were big files, so had to do FTP. A basic usere, would struggle on FTP and should be easier.

4. Tell us about your experience with our team and tell us the staff name that impressed you?

Heamasi: Team so far is OK. I think there should be a standard SLA for ticket responses. Like 24hr turn around or if you can bump your ticket for $5 to get a reply asap within the hour, as sometimes you are updating your website and you need to fix it asap.

5. Tell us your success story after using our products/ solutions?

Heamasi : I am going to launch my new website April, 2017. I will advise. The NB Designer I am looking forward to showing my customers.

6. Do you suggest any better ideal for our products/ solutions?

Heamasi: I think your page builder/live editor needs to be better, I have purchased TeePro. SiteOrigin is not the best Page Builder, for example I needed to change the theme colours. I could change part of it in the settings but had to log a ticket to let the team update the rest within my website. This should all be automated these days, as most themes out there make it very easy to do so.

7. Do you like to recommend our products/ solutions to others?

Heamasi: Yes I do, I think it is very good. Just need to update a few things on the backend to make it easier to update and build website.

Here at CMSmart, we always look forward to improving and perfectioning our products as well as taking care of our beloved customer until they are fully satisfied. If you are interested in this product, please try out Live Demo. If you have any question, please contact our 24/7 support team we will answer you in asap. TEEPRO WordPress theme is so great but if you want to use a full solution with a lot of WordPress plugins integrated you can choose T-shirt Print Ecommerce webiste with online design package.

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