Once again Wordpress Online Design proves its power for users, including Mr. Carc Depuhl. Find out how he feels about the CMsmart products buying and using process.

1. Tell us your name, your position, your business (where it is located and what the company specializes in) and your website domain? *

Marc Depuhl: Marc Depuhl, CEO, Full Service Agency, Germany,

2. Why you choose our products/ solutions instead of other products/ solutions? If possible, please tell us name of other solutions.

Marc Depuhl: Direct communication to the support and short reaction times!

3. Which highlight feature do you like most in our products/ solutions?

Marc Depuhl: NB-Designer

4. Do you feel easily when installing our product/ solutions?

Marc Depuhl: Yes

5. Tell us about your experience with our team and tell us the staff name that impressed you?

Marc Depuhl: I like to work with Janet, Jason, Giang and Selena. They have been very helpful so far on our long way of development.

6. Tell us your successful story after using our products/ solutions?

Marc Depuhl: That's still pending! ;-)

7. Do you suggest any better ideal for our products/ solutions?

Marc Depuhl: Nobody knows your product as well as you do. In order for your customers to succeed, customizations must be carefully and extensively planned. For this purpose, a direct communication is essential.

8. Do you like to recommend our products/ solutions to others?

Marc Depuhl: Surely I will!