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System requirement NEXT

Your site must be running on WordPress 3.1 or higher, PHP5.3 or higher, and MySQL 5 or higher.

Recommended PHP Configuration Limits: many issues that you may encounter, for example, cannot update new version, cannot login admin Online Designer, the selected product shows blank and so on…All these issues are related to low PHP Configuration Limits. The solution is to increase the PHP. You can do this by yourself or ask your website admin.

Please make sure that your server is supported:

fix_pathinfo = 1

allow_url_fopen = on

upload_max_filesize = 100M

Server supported JSON

Note: This is step by step you can check environment requirements:

Create file info.php

Add content to this file:

<?php echo phpinfo(); ?>

Upload to your host folder-your-site/info.php

Open link and check all options.

If your server does not support you, please call to host manager and ask for support.

Highlight feature NEXT

  • Dashboard

- An intuitive dashboard quickly shows shop information such as order, products, customers list, and so on that a vendor/store manager have a general look in a few seconds

 - Easy to manage and manipulate the separate interface

- Get a quick statistic of figures on total income, orders, products, users and so on

- Detailed report on revenue, order by day, month, year ...

- Display customer list, product, order according to criteria: newest, most bought, best selling and more

  • Articles

 - Intuitive display and easy use with the new interface

- Instead of displaying all articles of other sellers, WooPanel only shows your created articles.

- Easily view articles with available status

- Full essential features of articles like edit, delete, add new Product

- Display products of seller/vendor, remove unnecessary information and add quick actions

  •  Order

- Easy to manage seller/vendor orders with quick actions. Simple filtering with date and status fields

  • Coupon

- Create and manage coupon easily and quickly. You can see all coupons are arranged in the smartest way

  • Customer

- For each registered customer, the admin seller will save it as an account to manage

  • Setting

- Easy to set information of store such as name, logo, footer, and so on

How to Installation WooPanel plugin for your site? NEXT

WooPanel – the simplest WooCommerce Frontend Manager


You are the WooCommerce store/ vendor manager and you would like to manage your Store Products, Customers right from Website Frontend without log-in to WP Admin?

You are using the Dokan Multiple Vendor for your Marketplace and you would like to Re-Structure the Access Right for various Store Managers, to boost the Sales Performance and Customer Management, then you would like to use WooPanel.

Free WooPanel is developed to resolve the GAP of Connect between WooCommerce, Dokan Multiple Vendor, WordPress MultiStore, CRM…so on. you'll be able to assign the management of articles, products, orders, coupons, customers to every vendor/store manager from the frontend. Moreover, a good Management Interface will bring you a general look with optimized UX/UI to maximize the performance.

We will release a coming soon version which compatible with WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Appointments, WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System, WooCommerce Subscriptions, Advanced Custom Fields(ACF), WP Job Manager, BuddyPress and plenty of more plugins within the soonest time.


• The Dashboard is 100% responsive so it will be viewed on iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, and multiple devices anytime anywhere to quickly show shop information like orders, products, customer lists then on. Vendor/store managers can manage all their store information more easily and quickly than ever.

• It is often used with any WordPress themes or WooCommerce themes. This feature is includes styling options which can assist you to create WooPanel dashboard more look-alike your site appearance.

• The Dashboard the layout may be Full-Screen or Fit into the Shop layout

• Easy to manipulate the separate interface

• Get a fast statistic of figures on total income, orders, products, users and then on

• Nested Menu and Full Navigation Menu

• A detailed report on revenue, orders by day, month, year …

• Display customer lists, products, orders consistent with criteria: newest, most bought, best selling and more

WooPanel is integrated with WooCommerce seamlessly and might be used without the a requirement of Dokan or not…

How to Installation WooPanel plugin for your site?

Option 1: Upload installation package

  • Step 1: Download Woopanel Plugin in your profile on website.
  • Step 2: To get started with WooPanel, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New, and then click Upload Plugin.
  • Step 3: Click Browse to browse zip file, and then click Install Now.
  • Step 4: After installing successfully, click on Active Plugin.

Video Tutorial

Option 2: Install package via - Download WooPanel 

  • Step 1: Go to Plugins -> Add New -> enter “WooPanel” key word.
  • Step 2: Click on “Install Now” button -> Click on "Activate" button.

Video Tutorial

Thank for reading, hope you are enjoying our product


How to Uninstall WooPanel plugin for your site? NEXT

Step 1: Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugin-> Click on “Deactivate” of WooPanel.

Step 2: Click on “Delete” -> Click on "OK" of WooPanel.

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